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What is the weight limit for a hammock?(4 sizes)

Hammocks are the best way to keep relaxed.

You should know that hammocks do have weight limits. A small holds 220 lbs, medium up to 308 lbs, up to a XL size supporting 705 lbs.

Studies have shown that lying in a hammock decreases stress by increasing relaxation of the person’s state and are usually helpful if you are looking for a good sleep. The position of the person when lying on the hammock favors blood circulation, improving the oxygenation that your body receives.

In addition to all these benefits, hammocks are characterized by their ease of being installed anywhere you are. Whether indoors or outdoors, so you can place a hammock anywhere you are.

By now, you may wonder, what hammock should I buy? Does the brand have anything to do in terms of quality and weight supported? The answer is yes. The maximum weight of each hammock will depend on the brand, the quality of the fabric and, of course, the size.

There are several tables that allow you to know according to your weight what size of the hammock to buy, as a basis we will use this:

  • S size hammocks or also short calls:

Its width varies from 3.28 to 4.26 feet. They are usually the most common found in homes and interiors. But also, the cheapest. These have a maximum weight tolerance of fewer than 220 pounds.

  • M or individual size hammocks:

They are almost the same width as those of size S, but the main difference is that they can bear a weight of 220 to 308 pounds.

  • L size hammocks are also double calls:

It varies its width from 4.26 to 5.57 feet and supports a weight of 350 to 590 pounds.

  • XL size hammocks or also family calls, that is for more than three people:

They have the greatest width and therefore greater comfort, ranging from 5.57 to 6.56 feet and supporting a weight of 440 to 705 pounds.

It is important to know that according to the size of the hammock it will be the minimum distance at which you will have to hang your hammock, for reference:

If it is size is S it will be placed at 8.2 feet, if it is size M the minimum distance should be 8.2 to 10.49 feet, for L it will be 11.48 to 12.46 feet and for size XL you will need a minimum distance of 13 feet.

If you want to be more delicate in terms of which hammock to choose, you should know that according to the weight, certain types of materials are recommended that favor the duration of your hammock and the comfort when lying down. Among the types of hammocks that you should know, these are classified mainly depending on whether they are required for the exterior or interior and the type of material of their manufacture.

  • Traditional hammocks:

They are the hammocks that they mostly buy because they are usually placed on terraces or for outdoor decoration, they can be fixed on the trees and even on thick walls, and they are usually made of cotton fabrics.

  • Hammocks with divider or rod:

Its similarity to the traditional ones is evident and the only thing that makes it different from the traditional one is that the ends of the hammock are separated by a wooden rod.

  • Hammocks for traveling or camping:

If your goal is to travel and always have an easy hammock to place whenever you decide to rest, this may be your best option, they can be attached from any type of tree. They are usually made of nylon or even silk, which allows the hammock to acquire a high resistance and endurance capacity. They are distinguished by their ease of storage which will allow you to pack in a more efficient way since it takes up little space.

They are made mostly of parachute silk and because it’s a type of thin and resistant thin fabric, it makes it easy to transport. They are also made from nylon due to their high strength and durability.

  • Net hammocks:

Also known as handmade hammocks, these are usually used more as decorative and can have rods, their base is made without knots. Which will make it the best option if you want to have a hammock with a personalized style in your home. Although their use can be for exterior or interior it is recommended that they are changed and not be used permanently.

  • Chair hammocks:

If what you want is an indoor hammock and the space in which you find yourself is reduced, this one is for you, because you only need a point of grip for it is fixed and are usually attached to the ceiling. Be careful not to fall out.

Although they have a much greater variety of sizes and colors, they have a smaller capacity and usually support a maximum of 90 kg. Likewise, it is necessary that you consider that when anchoring only with a perforated hook you should have more caution and care when placing it.

If your plan is to relax being either at your house or on an adventure, the best you can do is to buy a hammock. As you read before, there is a large variety of models and types for you to choose according to your necessity and space on which you will place it.

Just don’t forget the information that we just provided you in order for you to make the best choice on which hammock to buy according to your needs. Remember that even if they are various models that turn to be cheaper, the thing that matters the most is to get the hammock that best suits your needs thus achieving a price-quality balance when you get your hammock.

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