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How to keep bugs out of your tent? (5 best ways)

Camping is one of the best ways for refreshments as well as for enjoying the vacations.

You can keep bugs out of your tent by keeping it clean, dimming lights, use screens, and repellents.

Since every activity requires proper planning in the same way you must have proper planning for camping as well because there are several things which if not properly planned can ruin your experience so it is better to keep precautions. One of the major considerations here is the most irritating insects because if not taken proper precautions, the bugs and other insects totally destroy your nights in the tent.

So, the major thing is to consider how you can keep the bugs out of your tent so that they won’t be disturbing your sound sleep. So, here are some of the ways you can apply to prevent the bugs from entering your tent: 


Clean the area around the tent:

Whenever you set up a tent, make sure the vicinity is clean because the garbage stored or accumulated around your tent can be a source of food for many insects and bugs. So, the best way to keep the bugs away from you is to clean the area around your tent properly because the rotting logs, still water, and light posts are some of the worst things that can be near your tent and will definitely invite the bugs to your tents. So, take care of the clean lines to keep the bugs away.

Install your tent a bit away from water: Camping by the side of water sources is most likely practiced by the people to get the cool environment as well as to enjoy the natural beauty. But still, you have to be a reasonable distance from the water resource and try to avoid any kind of standing puddles. Bugs and mosquitos are the water lover and especially if it is still so that they can lay eggs there. Waters are the attractive spots for the bugs and mosquitos to hang out. This is why you must have to install your tent away from the water resources.

Attend nature’s call away from the tent: The places with moisture and puddles are more prone to bugs and mosquitoes. The smells or bad odors being generated out there give them the signals that something is rotting, ripe and moist and this is what they actually need for laying eggs. This is why you must have to do your business away from your tent area.

Dim the lights: 

You must be aware of the fact that bugs are extremely attracted to the lights. No matter if your tent is dry or wet if you have lightened a very bright light then the place is likely to be encountered by lots of bugs. Because these are what they require for their navigation and find it appropriate to be with. So, it is better to either turn off or dim the lights at the night time when not required. But if extremely necessary then you must zip your tent completely and then only open the lights. And if you want some lights outside the tent then a fire will be the best alternative because the smoke from it will keep the bugs and other insects away from the tent.

Find out the best tent screens: 

Many of the new tents nowadays come with a pre-installed tent screen and if you have one of those then nothing can be better than that. But still, if you don’t have then you must get a screen from the market because it will prevent the bugs from getting inside your tent. It is better to treat them with some repellents which in some cases are already done. This will be your best protection from bugs and the harmful mosquitoes.

Stay in areas with less bugs.

Use some of the best repellents: 

Although the bugs are attracted to the scents of humans and even human sweats, there are some major scents that the bugs do not like at all and this can help the bugs to stay away from your tent.

Thus, in order to save your amazing experience of camping from the most irritating bugs, you can use some of the above-mentioned points that can be the best solution for your problems.

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