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How to keep food cold while backpacking (4 ways)

Here is the best ways in which you can keep your food cool for long time while backpacking: Freezing, use cooler with block ice, and insulate foods.


Freeze your food before packing:

This is one of the best ways, especially for short trips. Before packing make sure you have frozen the item which you have to take along with you. In this way, you will be able to keep the food and drinks cold for a long time. B

ut the major thing to consider here is that if you are carrying a frozen item then obviously it would be a bit heavier than the normal one so this will be only reliable if you are on a short trip and not in an overnight camp. To lighter the weight you can opt breaking packages apart and repacking into smaller sized packages.


Take a cooler with you:

For long trips and base camps taking a portable cooler can be beneficial for you. But while you are taking a cooler with you, there are many precautions to be taken. The cooler might have some leakage problem so consider keeping the raw meats at the bottom since it prevents leakage all over other food items.

After setting the meats at the bottom, you can place other edibles on the top layers. Also do make sure you open the coolers only at the time when required because the less you will open the cooler, the cooler will be your food. You also can wrap a blanket or quilt insulating the cooler from the sides.


Use the block ice:

This is the most considerable thing because many people make mistakes at this point. You must take block ice if you are taking a cooler at a campsite or basecamp because block I’ve will take longer to melt whereas the cube ice melts very quickly and will not be helpful for keeping your food cold for a long time. You can also make your own block and all you have to do is to rinse the cartons and fill them with water leaving few spaces and place it in the freezer. Now you can use these blocks around your food stuff in the cooler to keep it cold for a long period of time.


Use insulating items for foods: 

Today the market has an adequate stock of insulating backpacks and other items for keeping the food items cool for a long time. You can check out the best one for yourselves by checking the reviews. Moreover, you can opt one with space to hold other supplies so you can keep your other needy things within it.

Select the one with lots of pockets to keep everything separate from each other. Before making the final purchase you must first optimize the weight that you might be taking with you and the style that will suit you the most. So, select a perfect one yourself which is the most comfortable and will offer some padding against your body.

For better results you can also wrap the food item with some insulating materials inside the insulating backpack, it can be either a thermal jacket or even a blanket.

Summer vacations are often spent on outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, etc. This is the most perfect time to have fun outside the house along with family and friends. But do remember there are several things that we have to consider before stepping out for the excursion. You must have made the list of all the required things and have packed it properly. Moreover, you also must take special care of the food.

Thus, before any trips, you must make a perfect plan so that you won’t suffer at the time when you are at the camp. Here, to keep the food items cool for a long time you can opt-in several ways as suggested above and each of the ways depends on the type of trip or camping you are going for. You should also pick up the right food options which are not bulkier to carry. You can opt juice pouches rather than the heavy boxes, you must have the food items that can persist for a long time if frozen. So, in this way, you must have to consider each small thing to make your camping enjoyable.

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