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How many kayaks can I fit on my car?

You can fit 1 kayak on a typical car. The number will depend on the type of car you have, the kind of rack you have, and the type of kayaks you wish to fit. Some larger cars can hold 3.

It is easier to transport inflatable kayaks than it is traditional ones.

Generally, kayaks are best transported on SUVs or tracks to avoid causing serious damage to the car and kayak. If you have a sedan, introducing a heavy kayak can negatively affect both the car and the kayak.

How to transport kayaks

There are different ways to transport kayaks. You can make use of the bed on a pickup truck (with or without an extender), an extended trailer, or a roof rack.

Pickup truck

Using a pickup truck is perhaps the easiest of the three as there is not much to do but to place the kayak in the back of the truck, secure it and you are good to go! If the kayak is “dangling” beyond the kayak bed then it is recommended to buy an extender. With a bed extender, it is possible to fit two kayaks depending on their sizes.

Roof rack

Roof racks can be used on SUVs or most four-door cars. Much as it is possible to introduce a roof rack on a small car, it is generally not advisable as the kayak and the car may be at risk. All cars come with a roof base of sorts. There are those with naked roofs, factory crossbars, or side rails. It is also possible to introduce aftermarket crossbars to most cars. The type of roof base you have will generally determine the roof rack you get.

The type of roof rack that you get for your car will determine how many kayaks you can fit. Currently, the different types of kayak racks on the market are the J-Cradles, Temporary Pads, Stackers, and Saddles. There are also integrated lift systems that can come in handy.


Buying and attaching a trailer to your track will not only ensure you have additional storage space but will also give you plenty of space to fit more than a kayak, depending on the trailer size. A trailer is also great for transporting the kayak to the water to minimize damage to it.

How to ensure minimal damage

It is important to load and offload your kayaks in such a way that they don’t get damaged and that your car doesn’t get damaged. Ideally, it is best to have help with the loading and offloading process.

Once the kayak has been loaded, it is important to properly secure it in place using down straps and rack pads to avoid sliding on the rack or vehicle.

The number of kayaks you will fit in your car will depend on different factors. It will depend on the type of car you have, whether or not it has a roof case, what kind it is and what rack can be used.

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