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Kayak where to mount transducer

You can mount a transducer on the tracks, through the scupper hole, or on the hull.

When fishing, you need all the help you can get to enjoy a good catch. A transducer can help move things along. But, where can you mount it on a kayak?

That being said though, not everyone needs to install a transducer. Where you will be fishing on the water will determine whether or not you will need one. For example, if you are fishing in deep waters then you might benefit from having one. This is not so much the case if you are fishing in shallow waters.

Although there are fish finder mounting systems in the market, it pays to understand where to install a transducer. Do you install it in the hull or through the scupper plugs?

Understanding your position for fishing will help you determine where to install it. On a kayak, the best spot is in front of you, away from your paddling area. Most kayaks on the market today come with tracks. This makes it ideal to have a transducer installed.

You can mount the transducer through the scupper hole. There are mounts that you can use to make the installation seamless. Installing through a scupper hole ensures that the transducer is completely submerged in the water thus guaranteeing maximum sonar signal return sensitivity. This is a good thing if you wish to enjoy a good catch!

The holes should be dedicated to the transducer installation if they are to sit right and work right.

If you decide to install it in the hull then you will need to locate a flat spot and proceed with the installation. Ideally, the flat spot that you choose would be easily accessible through the hatch. It should be free from any objects that would otherwise knock off the transducer.

When the right spot is selected then you will have to clean it well, sand it where necessary, and use appropriate glue or silicon to stick it to the spot.

There are different transducers on the market with different capabilities. For example, some transducers reveal sonar images in color and those that don’t. Some transducers have an integrated GPS functionality and those that don’t.

Depending on the type, it is also possible to mount on the side rails (if present) of the kayak. It is also possible to mount the transducer on the kayak deck. When mounting the transducer on the side of the kayak, an “arm” can be utilized in which arm will be placed over the side of the kayak and into the water.

Where you mount the transducer on your kayak will depend on the type of transducer and the type of kayak that you have. It the kayak comes with a scupper hole that is specifically designed for the transducer, for example, then you would have to install it through the supper hole. If on the other hand, it is recommended to utilize the arm to dangle it on the side of the kayak then that is what you should do.

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