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Kayak without getting wet

Kayaking is fun but there are times when you rather not get wet.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to paddle minus getting wet. There are however things you can do to ensure you remain as dry as possible as you paddle.

Getting wet may be fun and come with the kayaking territory until you think about the Hypothermia risk.

How to stay as dry as possible while kayaking

The type of kayak matters

Sit-in kayaks help ensure that you remain as dry as possible on the water. Sit-in kayaks help ensure that the lower part of your body remains as dry as possible.

Wear a kayak skirt

If you don’t want to get wet, you can invest in a kayak skirt or spray-skirt. This will help keep your body as dry as possible. These skirts are made using a thin, stretch material that can be draped over the sit-in kayak to help protect your body against splashes.

Use the right clothes

Finding the right clothes can help keep you dry. You can make use of headgear such as a wide-brimmed hat to help keep your face dry. Go for quick-drying materials so that if there is sunshine, you can at least get dry as soon as possible.

You can utilize thin material clothes during sunny seasons and thick, waterproof clothes during cold days. As for your feet, you can make use of water shoes to keep your feet dry. You can also invest in thermal socks to keep your feet warm. You might also want to consider paddling gloves to keep your hands dry and warm.

Try a longer paddle

Short paddles tend to get you wet because of the high angle at which you will be paddling. The higher the angle, the more likely it will be that you will have water running down the shaft and onto your body.

A long paddle comes with a low paddle angle thus making it less likely for water to splash onto your body.

Invest in scupper plugs

Scupper plugs not only help drain water from your kayak, but they can also help keep water from getting into your kayak. You should consider investing in these plugs if you wish to keep your sitting area dry.

Make use of drip rings

Drip rings are attached to either end of the paddle. They are generally made from rubber although you can also cut out plastic bottles to make your own. Drip rings will keep you as dry as possible as long as you don’t dip the rings into the water.

The tips above are meant to keep you as dry as possible. However, there is no bulletproof solution to remaining dry as you kayak. There is always a chance that you may get a little bit wet from your kayaking expedition. The light fabric clothes and a wet suit are the two things that may ensure that you are dry every time you go paddling on the water.

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