7 Best dog breeds for off-leash hiking

Having a playful dog along with you in hiking as a travel partner will give you the companionship and joy unlike any other.

Finding the best dog to hike off least through can be a little daunting task. Not just does your dog need to be strong and able to endure a good hike, but it should be obedient and willing to hike alongside you.

The best dog breeds for off leash hiking are golden retriever, labrador retriever, german shorthair pointer, border collie, boxer, poodle, and australian shephard.


Here is a list of best dogs who can be a good companion in your travel. Make sure you select the right dog and make your journey better.


1. Labrador Retriever

Labs are great, all-around dogs. They are extremely affectionate and loving but they are extremely intelligent at the same time. As they have an affectionate nature, so they can make friends in no time. Whether it is a human being or other dogs, they are good with them. So, a lab can be an extremely great companion to you on your travel journey.

Their thick coat and strong paws make them able to hike through all weather conditions, rain or snow. Besides, their intelligence can also make them extremely simple to train, so recall commands will be easy for this dog to learn.


2. Border Collie

Apart from other breeds, they are considered as one of the intelligent breeds in existence. Border collie can learn a lot of new things quickly. This will make training the dog to hike off-leash along the trail very easily.

Although, they have a high energy level and they can easily go for any long or regular hikes as well. Its intelligence can also make this breed prone to an independent streak. They are not very social with strangers. They mainly prefer to be accompanied by older children or adults along the hike.


3. Australian Shepherd

Bred to work, the Australian Shepherd is constantly looking for something to keep him active. Along with the boundless energy, running alongside you as you hike is an ideal way to redirect his energy. If you want to go on hiking, then you will love a canine friend to go along with you. The Australian Shepherd will happily stick by your side for hiking, or trail running.

Both eager to please and intelligent, the Australian Shepherd is extremely happy to simply make his owner happy. They are social and happy to be around people. They often do well hiking with other off-leash dogs as well.

4. Golden Retriever

Usually considered one of the most well-liked breeds of dogs, this is no wonder the Golden Retriever made this list as one of the best dogs to hike with off-leash. Not just is this dog intelligent and smart, able to learn new commands very quickly, but this is an energetic and fun-loving dog. Plenty social, the Golden Retriever seems to make some of the new friends wherever he goes.

This dog has greater energy and they are also quite happy to spend the day outside along with his family. Plus, the Golden Retriever is a big-bodied and strong dog, able to hike through all weather conditions with incredible endurance.


5. Poodle

Who does not love to be with a cute canine friend? Well, a lot of people. Now, if you are passionate about hiking and want a great companion, then poodle breed is one of the best breeds that you can consider. Although often considered as the dainty dog breed, the Poodle was originally bred to be a hunting dog. Whether you are going any terrain, from mountains to plains, to even water, you will be able to take this dog along with you.

Quickly able to learn new commands, the Poodle will surely pick up the idea of walking off-leash in no time at all. Besides, this dog has endless energy and they also thoroughly enjoy playing a quick game of fetch while along the trail.

Both social and loyal, the Poodle not only wants to please his owner but is playful and gentle with strangers and other dogs too. It makes the Poodle an excellent breed of dogs to learn to hike off-leash through any environment.


6. German Shorthaired Pointer

This breed of dog was created for the long-haul. Generally, this particular breed is known as the ideal hunting companion. One of the best parts of choosing this breed as a companion is that they are extremely loyal and trustworthy and they stay close to the owner.

This dog craves long hikes and the outdoors, so this makes an ideal candidate as a dog to hike off-leash. Plus, the German shorthaired pointer is quite intelligent, able to pick up on his owner’s demands quickly. They are social and happy to meet new people and dogs along the trail.


7. Boxer

Just like other dogs, Boxer is one of the best breeds that can be an amazing companion in your hiking journey. A Boxer is a big and powerful dog and also loyal to their owners. They are active and fun-loving and also willing to take on any new adventure.

This breed of dog enjoys being outdoors exploring. They also have a very inquisitive nature and are incredibly intelligent. They will be a good partner in your hiking.

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As a hiker, you will surely know that there is nothing better than availing an opportunity to explore the outdoors.

Being close to nature and discovering the unknown will be extremely beneficial. Connecting with nature and experiencing the beauty that surrounds you can be quite hard to beat unless of course, you will be able to share that experience with your four-legged friend.