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Tent in Compression Sack(Keeps them dry and clean)

Camping is obviously a fun activity on your vacation.

Tents must be kept properly in the compression sacks so that it won’t get messed up by the mildew growth and material break down.


How to keep your tent in a compression sack

First of all, before keeping your tent in the sack make sure it is completely dried. Because if you have packed up a damped tent then it will develop mildew, which will, later on, create a really funky odor from your tent. The moisture that you store in this way also can damage the polyurethane waterproof coatings even after the repair. You might also have to face a flaky, tacky, or smelly tent which you will never likely use again for camping.

In order to prevent such things, you must properly first dry your tent by setting in some spot either indoor or outdoor. Make sure each corner is dried well. You can also either pitch it, drape it, or hang it until it gets dried.

Many times whenever we go camping we bring a dirty tent back to home. So, as soon as you reach home don’t throw it in a corner by directly putting it in a compression sack instead you just have to take the proper time to clean it, to make it more durable in the case if it is exposed to sand, fine dust, bird droppings, etc.

In order to clean your tent properly, you must use cold water and non-detergent soap. You can either use mineral oil or some alcohol-based products for cleaning the dirty spots and later on wash it again with water. 


The second major step to keep your tent in a good condition is by placing it in a cool and dry place also make sure you have kept the compression sack loosely packed. You can either use the stuff sack that came up with the tent or you can use a pillowcase or similar sizes mean bag to stuff your tent inside. All you have to consider is that you must keep it loosely pack so that the air can move through it, and won’t, later on, create disgusting smells.

Also, make sure that you have placed the tent is a dried compression sack which is able to maintain a cool and dry environment for the tent to prevent any kind of dampness to teach it. The best place can be the cupboards, basements, garages, etc. 


Why are compression sacks important for tents?

The compression sacks are really substantial to be used after the use if the tents to store it properly for further use but still, it’s is all used while going on the trip. When you are out on camping you must have to carry your tent and it is not always possible to adjust it in the backpack and thus compression sacks are important. Some other importance of compression sacks are mentioned over here:

  • It provides a separate space for the tents to be stored. In this way, it lowers our headache about the packing. We need not to bother or create separate space in the backpacks. 
  • It protects the tent from every possible dangers and damages such as waters, sand, dust, etc. The storage in backpacks cannot protect from every harsh condition but the compression sacks do.
  • The next importance is that it is lightweight and portable as well and thus in this way, it assists you to take it from one place to another very easily.

While doing any kind of such fun activities, there are many things to keep in consideration while planning for amazing outdoor trips like camping. You have to taken proper equipment and all the required tools with you.

After they have been used once in your camping, next you must have to take proper care of them so that they will assist you once again in the next trip, and will give yearlong faithful services. 

This thing is majorly true for your tents.

Thus, compression sacks are really important for the price action of your tents either it be at the time of camping it after the use as well. So, make sure you get a perfect and qualitative compression sack to improve the longevity of your tent.

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