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Is an Expensive Tent Worth it?

An expensive tent is worth the money. It will last longer, be roomy, keep you warm, be lightweight and waterproof.


 To decide whether you have to buy an expensive tent or not you must have to consider the following factors:

  • On what conditions you are using your tent: Before picking up a tent first you have to optimize that in which conditions you are going to use it. Such as if you are camping in the mountains for a week then obviously you will suffer a strong wind so you need to pick a strong tent.
  • But if in the case you are camping in the backyards then you can opt for a cheap tent since the conditions are not too harsh over there.

In such situations, you must have to consider the future camping as well this is because if you once bought a cheap tent that to be used in the backyard can’t be further used in the mountain camping so you must consider it before buying one.

  • Seasonality of tents: Majorly you will find four seasonality tents options namely: 4 seasons, 3-4 seasons, 3 seasons, and 2 seasons and also one season which is a total waste of money. The one season tent will do nothing then protect you from the mosquitos. The two-season tents will serve well in his weather and can be easily collapsed in minor rain or winds. Whereas a three season tent can sustain three different seasons such as spring, summer, and fall as well and it can also bear heavy rainfall and strong winds. It also has an improved version which can even withstand colder, windier and wetter conditions. And the most versatile is the four-season tent which can withstand every possible harsh condition.
  • The material of the tent: Different kinds of tent uses a variety of materials depending upon its durability as well as price. The tents with high seasonality grade will obviously be made up of the best and rigid materials which will stand long and also will be expensive as per the materials used.
  • The tents with lower seasonality grade will use the cheap material which are not much durable and even are not much expensive. Some of the advanced tents uses UV protective compounds and also the big repellents which again adds up the price of the tent.
  • Capacity required: This is an obvious fact that a small tent with less capacity coats lower than the one with a big capacity. But still, you need to be a lot careful to ensure you buy a tent that can house all the campers.
  • You can only opt for a small tent if you are solo campers else if you are often engaged in a family trip then you have to consider a big one that can accommodate all the members inside. Apart from the tent size you also should consider the gear that you might require in the camping. Some times the capacity ratings also vary so consider it as well.

There are several things to consider about a tent but still, the first thing that will often hit your mind is whether you have to go for a cheap or an expensive one.

Thus, buying an expensive tent is totally worth it but not always. This depends on your budget as well as the trip. Because if you are planning for a long trip in the mountains or somewhere for adventure you must need a strong tent which often cost high because of the strong materials used in it but on the same hand if you are out for a casual trio somewhere nearby with good weather condition then this would be a loss for you if you get an expensive one.

Always remember the fact that if you are paying higher than it is always for the quality and the durability as well.

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