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How to Store your camping Gear to Prevent Mildew?

Tents, sleeping bags, and other gear need to be stored in cool dry place to prevent mildew. Plastic ziplock bads and bins work well.


Storing your Tents

1. One of the very important facts that you need to consider is to store the tent properly. Regardless of your tent’s fabric, you will have to ensure that you store this in a dry place. Moreover, you will have to ensure that your storage area is free from pests such as mice, cockroaches, and other insects that may nibble your tent and render this useless for your next camping trip.

2. Before you pack your tent away, you will have to check if the whole tent is completely dry inside and out. You also need to keep in mind that extra moisture might just promote the development of mold and mildew in your tent. Such might also introduce the rotting smell to your tent that is quite difficult to get rid of.

3. When you are packing your tents, you will also have to make sure that your tent pegs are stored in their bags. You must not let sharp ends sticking out of the bags as these might bring in tear and wears to other fabrics.

4. When you put your camping gear inside your cabinet, you need to ensure that you do not place this under a heavy pile of objects, which might introduce cracks and damages to the poles.


Storing your Sleeping bags

  • Just like the way, you store tents, you will have to ensure that simply keep your sleeping bags in a dry and cool place for avoiding the formation of molds and mildew.
  • You can also wash wipe off the dirt from your sleeping bag before you put this away. You will have to ensure that you let the air dry out in the sun right before you put this in the storage cabinet, which is free from insects and mice.

Storing your heating equipment

  • Right before you away put your stove or your lighting equipment, you will have to ensure that all of them are clean. You will have to check whether it is working properly or not. In addition to that, you might as well get rid of them right away and buy another one. Make it a certain point to keep some spare bulbs.
  • When you store your heating equipment, you will need to ensure that you put them in their protective cases. It will also assist you to ensure that they will not be damaged especially those gas lighting tools that have brittle glass parts.

Storing your cooking gear

  • Apart from these, you will have to gather your cooking gear together and then you will have to check each of them for probable damages. List your cooking gear so you can easily verify anything that is missing. On your next camping trip, you should know what needs to be purchased.
  • B. You will also need to ensure that every cooking tool is clean to prevent rust or dirt from rendering the tool useless. You should store them properly. If you can, put them in separate boxes to prevent scratches and cracks.


Use Storage Containers for Grab-And-Go Getaways

Not just will the storage bins assist ensuring your stuff is properly stored, they will make packing for the next trip. You can simply select the black or dark gray stackable bins for protecting your camping gear from UV light.

You will have to arrange your camping gear in the bins by activity and add labels so that items are simple to find. For maximizing the lifespan of your sleeping bags and tents, you should not store them in their bags for long periods. This will surely cause too much compression. In its place, store them loosely in the larger cotton or mesh bags in one or more bins, permitting plenty of space.

You can also put all cooking and food utensils in one bin, like all those melamine plates, hand-me-down silverware sets, open fire grill essentials, and more. The next bin can be for all your smaller camping accessories, from portable chargers to lanterns to sunscreen and mosquito spray.



Create a Ziplock Bag System

One of the major keys to easy packing and also storing is grouping similar items together. You will have to get the pack of gallon-sized zip lock bags and a Sharpie and start organizing! Besides assisting you to find things fast, zip lock bags keep essentials such as eating utensils, toiletries, and toilet paper clean and dry while camping.

This system works properly when packing for kids, too. You can just keep your children’s toys and supplies in separately marked bags so that they are simple to grab while needed. You will be able to get sturdier reusable silicone bags for reducing your impact on the environment.

Camping is considered as one of the most cost-effective vacation options. Selecting the right kind of camping equipment is one of the serious endeavors. Camping is not only a very challenging adventure; this can also be extremely expensive as well since most of the gears and tools, which you will need, are high priced.

Once you have already bought the correct set of camping gears, the very next thing, which you should do, is to ensure that your investment is not wasted. You will have to store your camping gear properly so that you will be able to your gear over and over again every time you set out for a camping trip. You can also use compression bags.

Storing the camping gear is quite an important task but if you do not have much idea of storing the camping gear in an organized manner, then try to make a to-do list and then arrange and store the gears without any hassle.

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