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Solo Camping For beginners(7 tips to make it fun and safe)

Camping is the best source for refreshments and getting away from a stressful life.

Many people love to go camping alone so that they can enjoy the beauty of nature and can do some adventurous jobs etc.


Sometimes planning a group trip might be stressful and this is why people generally prefer for a solo trip. But if you are a beginner and wants to go for a solo trip then you must have to consider several points as mentioned here:


Decide your destination and route:  The major thing before deciding any kind of solo trip for yourself is to make sure that you have picked a good destination for yourself and pre-planned the route that you are going to take to reach out there.

Make a proper research regarding the routes and the areas, you also must have to be well known about the different species found over there and the special things that are linked to that place. Also, make sure that you have properly made research about the place and the small and giant creatures found over there.

Get the right tent for yourself:  When you are out camping, the only staying place for you will be your tent. So, that means your safety is directly proportional to your tent and it’s quality. This is why you always have to choose the right tent for yourself. When you go for a tent shopping the salesperson himself will tell you about the different types of tents.

And do not forget to get a tent compression sack to keep it safe for further use as well. Once you have got the perfect tent, then do not forget to take proper care of it in order to improve its longevity so that it can be used in your next solo camping. A more expensive tent is well worth the money.

Pick up an appropriate campsite: While selecting a campsite make sure that you have a ranger in the vicinity whom you can reach anytime in case of some emergency.

Do not go in too much-isolated place and also you must have to avoid the sides of the highway. A campsite near freshwater resources is the best option ever to camp. Make sure you are at a proper distance and moreover opt for a plane surface with no stones and branches over there and depending upon the weather you can either choose a shredded place or an open one.


Carry some easy to cook food: The best food options for camping purpose are the ready to eat packed foods but still many people found it easy as well as adventurous to cook in the campsite and enjoy the meal in the natures lap especially in the winter camping.

So, you can also carry a lightweight pot with you and some cooking materials to be cooked in the campfire. You do not need to carry the all dinner set or heavy ingredients, some easily cooked floods will be more than enough.

Keep a portable fire starters or power stations: You also have to take some power sources for yourself during the camping. You must have fire starters for the campfire and along with it you also must have some other options such as flashlights, lanterns, along with extra batteries. 

Take some first aid kit to deal with injuries: When you are out for camping alone, you never know when you get into some small accidents. So, make sure you keep some first aid things such as bandages, gauze pads, first did tape, antiseptic, some prescribed medications of allergy, etc. 

Make proper and light packing: This is the most carefully done job. Whenever you are going alone on any trip you must have to take all the important tools and equipment with you. First of all, make a list of all the necessary things that you might be required to do during the camping.

You must have to keep the important foods and drinks to get charged up, a tent is the most compulsory thing, moreover, you must have to first decide the time span of your trip and then it will be easier to start a backpack. But always remember to keep your load lighten because you will be alone on the trip so a lightweight backpack will be ideal with only the important and needy things.

 Thus, consider all the mentioned points before you go for any solo camping.

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