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Tips to lift kayak without hurting back

Kayaking is a very popular water sport among people.

It is an adventure sport, so people who love a little adventure in life, kayaking is for them. But, you need to handle the kayak carefully. As it is a water sport you need to have a basic fitness level and lifting a kayak has injured many.


Here are tips and tricks to lift a kayak without hurting your back.



You need to lift the kayak vertically to avoid any sort of injury so you do not have to take the majority of the weight.

Most of the extra weight of the kayak remains in the rope, paddle, first aid kit, etc. So, you need to stand next to your kayak and lift it like a bow from the ground. While lifting the kayak you need to hold the cockpit rim for a good grip.

But most essentially, you need to use your knee for the support, not the back. You need to bend your keens and keeping the back straight.

You also need to use both of your hands while rotating the kayak upside down. And lastly, while walking with the kayak always keep it in a vertical position.



After lifting the kayak you need to set the position of the kayak so that it becomes easier to carry. After lifting you are standing by facing towards the inside of the kayak by holding the rim of the kayak.

Then you need to rotate your body and place your right shoulder in the cockpit, place your right hand on the right shoulder to hold the brace of the kayak. You need to keep your left hand on the rim.

Lifting on the shoulder

After positioning the kayak as it is said in the previous point, you need to lift the kayak on the shoulder. If you hold the kayak properly then it will not be a problem to lift it defying the gravity.

After lifting onto the shoulder you need to do a little adjustment so that you can carry the kayak properly. You can use a pad or cushion on your shoulder so that you can reposition the kayak on it to dodge the weight of the object.

Carrying comfortably

The objective of all the above-mentioned steps is to carry the kayak comfortably. It is very as important as lifting the kayak without injuring your back. You need to carry the kayak very carefully as it will be placed on your shoulder.

If you have to carry the kayak for a significant amount of time then it may appear to be strenuous to your back and your hand muscles. Carrying the kayak also creates muscle imbalance to the body and that is the reason that often people end up hurting themselves. You need to use a belt that will help to bind the kayak with your back and wait for extra support.



Different types of kayak

While we are talking about lifting kayak you also need to learn about different types of kayak. Knowing about different types will help you to get an idea regarding how to handle the kayak so that you do not injure yourself. Depending on the types the shape also changes so the different types are discussed below.

Touring kayak

This type of kayak is long and has multiple small cockpits. The shape is narrow and lengthy and it will give you an excellent kayaking experience. As the kayak is for multiple people so you can carry the kayak with others and that will be much safer.

Sit-on-top kayak

This kayak has no enclosed seats and it is also used for recreational purposes. The shape of the kayak is wider and it is very stable on the flowing water. Due to its shape, it is always easy to sit on the kayak and exit the seat. This kayak is mainly for beginners.

Recreational kayak

The recreational kayak is smaller in size and the cockpit is also larger. This kayak is for calmer water.

Inflatable kayak

This type of kayak is very similar to Sit-on-top kayak and you can carry the kayak very easily. The kayak is for giving you the best experience of kayaking on medium current. If you are looking for a pleasant kayaking experience then you need to opt for such kayak.

Whitewater kayak

When it comes to whitewater kayak, you need to keep in mind that there are numerous types of it. Some of the kayaks are creek, river runner, longboats, etc.

Child-sized kayak

The smaller size kayak is called the child-size kayak and this kayak is for only one person. This is the reason it is very easy to lift and carry the kayak for having the best kayaking experience. Many of the expert people opt for such kayak.

So, the article discussed in detail how one can carry the kayak without being injured. If you all the steps then you will be able to carry it safely. If you are going for kayaking with a professional then he/she will instruct you regarding lifting the kayak. All you need to listen to that expert carefully.

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