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Should You Buy A Used Paddle Board? (Pros and Cons, Where to)

So many people love paddleboarding.

You should buy a good used paddleboard to save money and have more buying options. A used one will cost about half the price of new.


And if you are planning to get one for yourself then it is the right to time to get one. Paddleboarding is a type of water sport and people who love the ocean can opt for their board for playing the sport.

You can paddle the way you want, some stand up on the board, some lie on it, and some of the people sit on the board. You need to surf on the waves toward the flow of the water. If you have the board then you can continue practicing in the lake or a river.

If you are a beginner then you can opt for a used paddleboard. A brand new board is pricy but a used board is a good way to start. If you buy a used board then you will not have to worry about its damage during practice.

There are always some advantages and disadvantages of buying a product and for paddleboard, it will be no different.



Advantages of buying a used board

  • A used paddleboard is the most affordable option in the market
  • As the price is low you will be able to get a beautiful board at a very lower cost, up to 80% off
  • It is a great way to start with practicing at least for a beginner as you won’t have to be worried about damaging it during practice



  • The board will not come with a warranty
  • often the board does not come with a paddle , and in that case, you need to buy it separately
  • It will be difficult to get an ideal board for a beginner

You can see that the percentage of pros and cons are equal so you can give it a shot.

But, still, you are not sure when to buy a secondhand board then the article is going to give you more insight into buying the secondhand product from the market. You need to find a market that sells used sports products so that you can score a great deal.



When to buy the used Paddle Board?

Some conditions will help you decide to get a secondhand paddleboard


If you are not experienced then you need to look for a secondhand board. You need to practice more and for that, it will safer if you have not invested much money on the board. Practice will require a lot of rough usages, and that is the reason the beginners are suggested to get a used board.

Saving money

If you want to save money then you need to opt for buying the secondhand board. People for whom money is an issue they will get to rent or buy a board from the secondhand market. A brand new board is expensive and it is not affordable for everyone. Additionally, if you are an amateur boarder then you can easily opt for a used board.



Buying from a rental company

Often the rental companies want you to buy the board. In such cases, the board comes at a lower price. It is seen that if you are regular at the rental shop then the shop authority may come up with such an offer. If you find such an offer then you need to accept the offer because it has been seen that in most of the cases the rental companies buy high-quality board and you will get high-quality board at a reasonable price from an authentic source.

At the time of buying a demo board

If you are planning to buy a demo board then you need to look for a cheaper version. In that case, a secondhand board will be the best option; you will be able to score a cheaper model of demo board. If the board gets damaged during extensive practice it will not be a huge financial loss.

What are the things to consider?

Even if you are planning to buy a secondhand product you are investing some of your money. So, you need to consider a few things to get a good product at a fair price. The factors are discussed below.

  • You need to have an idea of the board regarding the length and the weight of the board.
  • You need to examine the condition of the board. You need to check if there is any defect on the board or if there is any crack on the board.
  • While you are buying the board, make sure it comes with the paddle and that too in good condition.
  • You also need to check the fin box whether it is in good condition.


How to choose a dealer?

It is always good if you find a market that sells used sports equipment, gear, etc. But you need to look for an individual shop that will help you to get an authentic product that is the most appropriate one.

You need to look for a reliable and reputed shop; you can opt for a reference given by your friends as well. You need to look for a shop that sells boards that are in good condition and also charge fair prices from the people. It is also essential to get a product of a good brand no matter how old it is.

Apart from the shop, you can buy a used paddleboard directly from the owner. Often people put up classified ads for selling an old product you can contact that person directly to learn about the price.

You can buy the board on social media pages as well where authentic secondhand sports products are sold. In that case, you will get to the pictures of the product.

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