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What is Walk-Up Camping and why do it

Camping can majorly dine in two ways that are: walk-up and walk-in types.

Walk up camping is a type of camping style where you don’t require a pre-reservation as in normal one. You can just look for a suitable site for yourself and install your tent.


This will be very suitable for you if you don’t want to face any kind of formalities. The second name for this type of camping is non- reservation camping.

Basic points about walk-up camping

  • This type of camping follows the first come first take rule since many people choose for the walk-up camping so you might face problems like not finding space fir your tent. So you must make proper planning so that you won’t waste your time searching for space for your tent.
  • Make a pre-planning about the place where you are intending to go for walk-up camping. You must have to know that what is the condition of the crowd over there so that you will get any spot or not.
  • In order to get the spot make sure you reach the spot one to two hours before the check out the schedule. You can get a spot for you available right away.
  • Be Spontaneus, only go if weather is nice and in the mood.
  • If you like to camping in silence away from the crowd then you can opt camping during the weeks instead of the weekends because at the weekends usually, the campgrounds are full.


Tips for walk-up camping:

Prefer camping in a tent: For walk-up camping tenters generally get the sites faster since they require a smaller site and other large sites also get booked up. Not even this, it is also the safest option for the walk up campers.

Prefer mid-weeks over weekends: This might seems quite different but still, if you are out for a walk-up camping then you must choose the midweeks because the weekends are generally crowded and you might find it difficult to get a site for yourself. Moreover, mid-weeks are generally silent and you can camp in a peaceful environment. 

Get flexible to the site: In the walk-up camping, it is less probable that you will get a perfect site to camp. So, you have to stay positive with whatever site you get and should enjoy what you get adapting to it.

Make a list of few campgrounds: Before you go out for the walk-up camping make sure you have shortlisted a few more places in the case the first choice does not have site availability. In this way you can save your time as well. 

Reach the spot early: In the walk-up camping, sometimes it is quite difficult to get the site to set up your tent due to the crowd so it is better to reach a few hours early and reserve a place for yourself. 


Cautions you must take in the walk-up camping:

  • Do not wait or think about a site of you find one because no one else waits for you since it is a walk-up camping and none of the sites are reserved. So don’t wait for a better site to become available for you and rather take the one available.
  • Before leaving the home make sure you have packed all the required gear and items with you because once you have reached the spot and got a site you can’t leave it and go home back to her the other things because when you will be back, the site would have been taken. So, make sure you have at least packed the tent so that one of the group members can stay in there and rest can move to get the things.
  • A proper research is must fir walk-up camping because not all the campgrounds offer this service and the place where you might be interested if not offer this service so do research before you leave.

Thus, walkup camping is really wonderful and adventurous. It will be the best suitable style of camping if you want to camp away from the crowd and get rid of the formalities. All you have to do is to make really good planning and research about the campgrounds which will be suitable as well as hold some space for camping.

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