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What Do You Wear Under a Wetsuit?

If you are a new diver, then the most common question comes in mind that what to wear under a wetsuit?

Your can wear shorts, jumpsuit, briefs, or swimsuit.

Protection & Added Insulation

The best reason for using undergarments to keep the body warm in cold temperatures. The extra layer helps keep you warm both under and above the water. Experienced divers prefer a thin layer of underwater insulation. Thick underwear normally restricts movements and drains energy faster.

Apart from the temperature of the water, the temperature of wind and air is also equally vital for a diver. Divers have to deal with different temperatures in different atmospheres, so they must pick the right type and material of their undergarments to wear under a wetsuit. That should keep the body at a comfortable temperature throughout the session. Advanced undergarments offer ultraviolet protection along with protection against scrape, cut, sting, and bite. These are helpful for divers.


Comfort is another factor for which divers wear undergarments under a wetsuit. It is not comfortable as regular rubbing of the skin against the inside material might cause rashes in your skin. Infections are found in places like armpit, knee, crotch. So wearing a second layer is always good for your comfort and you can be safe from any of those unwanted troubles.

What to wear under a wetsuit?

Well, this is a question that everyone asks. There are so many things to wear under a wetsuit. You just have to decide which one you prefer to use. The items are different for both males and females. Let’s look one by one.

Diving Short

Diving shots are one of the best options to wear under a wetsuit. Apart from serving an extra layer in cold conditions, it helps to change your wetsuit easily in any condition. The material of diving short should be light and must give you requisite freeness while diving. These are long enough for keeping your thighs warm but also give a good fitting with an insulating material. Diving shorts are available for both men and women. There are various products available based on the material, design, and other features.

Rash Guard

To keep the upper body cozy and warm, you need a rash guard. Yes, you can choose from a wide range of shirts to wear under a wetsuit. But a rash guard is the ideal first layer in freezing temperature. In cold areas, it will give you the necessary warmth inside. You can choose half or full sleeve rash guards based on your requirement. Short sleeves provide a comfortable fit and you can wear it even roaming freely on the beach. These are lightweight as made from polyester and can provide protection from ultraviolet rays also. These stylish rash guards are ideal for men to wear if you plan to do so.

Full Body Jumpsuit

If you want full coverage, they full-body jumpsuit is ideal for you. Available for both men and women in different sizes, full-body jumpsuits are ideal to wear under a wetsuit if you want to fight against factors like the cold. Its natural insulation will keep you warm for several hours and will provide you comfort. These are very easy to wear and are made as per male or female physique.


A diving brief is ideal for you if you are diving in warm water where you don’t want to wear any undergarments beneath the wetsuit. For added protection, you can wear a lightweight brief that will give you enough comfort while diving. These are normally made from nylon fiber. It’s durable than any ordinary one and it sticks to your body. These are chlorine resistant and stretchable too.


Wetsuits are hard to manage, either to wear or to take off. But there happen several times that divers have to change either on a boat or even on a beach. An extra layer beneath the wetsuit will help them to change at any place without any vulgarity. This is another reason to wear under a wetsuit.


Suppose you have taken a wetsuit in rent, so to save yourself from any disease, you must wear an undergarment. It is hygienic and will keep you free from any illness. Your sensitive areas will remain unaffected and you can take the best of your care.

Sleeveless Vest

Women divers prefer to use the sleeveless vest as these provide better freedom around the arm and shoulder. These are made from lightweight fabrics and are thin. These dresses are normally used in water sports and swimming. This is great wear under a wetsuit as these are water-resistant and stretchable. Apart from diving, one can wear this dress while on the beach or at the swimming pool. The best thing is, it can maintain your body temperature every time.

One Piece Swimsuit

For more freedom while swimming or diving, many women prefer a one-piece swimsuit. But if you are looking for a swimsuit to wear under a wetsuit, then its quality is different. It is a product made from durable nylon strings and with non-slip straps. It is comfortable and ideal for several hours.

Now you have all the options in your hand and you have to choose the best one. The choice is yours. But, you must keep some things into consideration while choosing what to wear under a wetsuit. If you are diving at a warm temperature, then swimsuit and briefs are ideal for you.

But, if you are planning to go for diving in cold temperature, then an undergarment is must to wear under a wetsuit. That will not only give you your desired comfort while you dive but also will provide adequate protection and hygiene. Whatever be the condition, it is always safer to use these, especially if you have taken the wetsuit on a rent basis. You must take enough precautions beneath your wetsuit.

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