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What temperature is too hot for camping?

Camping is mostly preferred in the warm weather.

In general, the maximum temperature at which you can camp comfortably is 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the day time whereas around the 77 during the night.

Almost the summers are full of campgrounds because this epic vacation time and staying at home in the summers are quite tough and maximum people prefer to spend time camping outside.

But still the major considerable thing here is that the temperature outside still should not be too much that it instead of making fun will ruin your experience. 

But still, to have comfortable sleep at night you must use some additional cooling appliances such as a portable fan.

When the temperature gets over 95 degrees during day time then it becomes quite harder to stay and you will be requiring some additional cooling options. In some of the camping sites accompanied by some kind of water resources 95 degrees can be adjustable but in the place with no such resources, this temperature becomes unbearable and this is what we call too hot for camping. 


While planning for any kind of camping the first and foremost thing that you must consider is obviously your safety. If it is too hot outside then no one can end up having fun with the camping and even no one can bear that harsh condition. These types of situations may increase the possibility of sunburn and heatstroke so better you opt for the best place as well as the best time to camp.

Before finalizing any particular destination for camping you must check out the heat index as well as the temperature of that place. Also, take the humidity into consideration as always the weather forecast will not give an accurate measure. Heat index can majorly help you to estimate the actual temperature as combined with temperature and the level of humidity of the given area. So, this method will be beneficial before you get out for camping.


How can you beat the conditions when it is too hot?

Without proper planning and equipment, it is quite uncomfortable to camp. The experience also gets worse sometimes because the excessive heat can ruin your outing. So, you must carry some additional appliances or you should consider some major points to avoid such harsh conditions:

  • The best way to avoid such hot climatic conditions is to camp near water. It is a great resource for getting cooled even while camping in hot weather. It is the best option to cool down yourself when needed. 
  • Make sure that you pick up the best spot for your tent that will provide share for as long as possible. Also, make sure that you put your chairs and other resting materials in shade to avoid extreme harsh heat effects.
  • The best option is to bring up a portable fan with you. This is the best option to cool you and obviously the surroundings and protect you from heat strokes.
  • Pick a good quality tent with additional windows and doors for perfect passage of the air within. This will keep the tent cool even at night time and also prepare for the next day to stay within.
  • The next trick which you can apply to remain cooler is by changing the sleeping options like in small tents you might feel hotter as compared to the big tents. So, doubling the size of your tent might be helpful. Some of the people also prefer sleeping in hammocks in such situations.

Thus, camping is a fun activity, it’s the chance to spend time with your family and friends outdoors but to enjoy the camping the weather and climatic conditions should also be in favor. You can’t enjoy camping in harsh conditions. Too cold is also bad.

So, before making the plan make sure you have properly investigated the temperature over there and try not to go if the temperature is more than 95 degrees. Or you have to follow up on several measures to deal with such harsh conditions. A moderate temperature is what we generally seek for camping so that the memories won’t get ruined and the actual enjoyment would be experienced.

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