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5 Most Common Hammock Mistakes

Though having a hammock all ready to be set up might be all well and good, it can be a little confusing for newbies to have it properly set up.

The list of common hammock mistakes: not practicing setup, not knowing weight limit, not checking for branches, not enough sag or insulation.


They buy it and take it along with them on camping trips but do not really know how to proceed.

Even if they do somehow manage to have it tied to the trees, sometimes it ends up being a very uncomfortable experience for them due to some common errors.

Sometimes they have it set up too high or too low that can ruin the ultimate relaxation they were hoping to get.

This is exactly why it is better that you know about such mistakes usually made by people so you can try your best to avoid them and have a great time.


Setting Up A Hammock The First Time On A Trip:

Now it should go without saying but practice makes everything perfect and getting something right perfectly the first time around rarely ever happens. If you go on a camping trip, confident that setting up a hammock will be an easy task without having done it before, you just might be in for a big surprise.

Lots of factors play in while setting it up, as it is not as easy as just tying two ropes to two trees.

Careful precision is needed to have it hanging just the way you want it. It is better to do a test run first in your own backyard or so in order to get all the steps right so that you can have a comfortable experience the first time around.

Not Checking For Overhead Branches:

One form of displaying ignorance when it comes to tying your hammock would be not checking your surroundings before choosing where to get it set up.

As it is supposed to be tied to trees for the most part, it is highly important that you are confident about what is going to be hanging above you. If the branches overhead are worn and likely to fall down with a few strong gusts of wind, it could be a potential problem for you.

Even if you have your gear on one misplaced blow on a sensitive part like your head could resort to very bad injuries and perhaps even a fatality.


Not Having Enough Sag:

This is a fact that most newbies may not know to keep in mind. If you stretch your hammock too tight, there will be more force aimed at it, making it very taut. It is known to be rather rigid and uncomfortable, as it does not feel like a soft experience at all. In order to ensure you do not end up with a backache it is better to angle it in a manner that a little sag is allowed and the cloth molds itself to your body.

Not Having Proper Insulation:

If you are sleeping outside in an area where the temperatures are bound to drop at some point during the night, it is definitely advisable to find some form of insulation.

You might be uncomfortable throughout the night, spending the whole time shivering and curling up into a ball just to conserve some heat. That is probably not what you have in mind for a fun camping trip spent sleeping under the stars.

That is why it is definitely better to stock up on the quilts so you can place one under you and another on top of you as well. In addition to that, you could also have a tarp covering your body to lessen some of the exposure. If you are opting to use a sleeping bag on the hammock, you may consider that too.

Wanting to have a lovely night sleeping out on a hammock is a grand idea and one that you should definitely aim for. However, try to avoid these common mistakes that most people often fall prey to. Also, check the weight limit.

The ideal thing would be to learn how to set one up before you try it out the first time and have your necessary gear with you in addition to checking your surroundings to ensure that the experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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