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Are rooftop tents worth it?

More campers are now getting involved with car camping as they take a trip.

Rooftop tents are worth the money. They keep you safe, have storage, and do not weight much.


With the availability, not a high-tech revival, you can keep your tent on top of your car. It will keep you safe and comfortable away from the bears, lions, tigers, or other creepy crawling creatures. Rooftop tents are very beneficial when you want to camp nowadays. Several models of the rooftop camping tents made of high-density foam mattresses where you can sleep peacefully inside your tent as you camp.


Advantages of rooftop tents

Unlike the traditional rooftops, though costlier, they can quickly get set up and have a wide variety of features that come with it. They offer prime resistance to weather, impressive clearance off the ground, and they will provide you with the ability to set the camping tent wherever you park. That how worth rooftops tents are when you have one. Some of the brands are waterproof, too, and you need to inquire before you purchase it.


Suitable cars for rooftop tents

When it comes to rooftop tents, the basic thumb rule requires you not to use on a vehicle when the load limit of the rooftop is less than 165lbs. The SUV and trucks won’t be an issue when you use them, unlike sedans, hatchbacks, or sedans, which might pose several hurdles. When you have a car that carries your load, ensure that you raise its roof rack on top.



Hardshell vs. Softshell

Two types of rooftop tents exist, the hardshell and softshell, and both can get easily set up though it’s not as easy as any pop-up tent. The hard shells are more expensive than the traditional softshells, and they are also sturdier.

What do you consider when choosing a rooftop tent?

When you decide that you want to purchase a rooftop tent, you need to consider some key things that will help choose on for your need because even the best rooftop tents aren’t that easy to use as it may seem.

  • Storage capacity

Ensure that the tent you need can fit all the companies that you have when on that trip. It’s just like a living room of a real estate house, but it gets accompanied by other equipment with cargo boxes that you need to plan well so that everyone can fit in.

  • Weight

Hardshells particular are rooftop tents that weigh more, as mentioned earlier than the traditional softshell tents. Ensure that your car roof track can hold on to its weight because it might be more vigorous and cause a lot of damage. You need to bring an SUV probably because it can handle the hardshell rooftop tent.




  • Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland

Tuff Stuff is a tent that duly abides by your needs when you want to purchase a rooftop tent. It has an extra room that offers an annex space for you and other people that have accompanied you. It allows many people to fit inside the tent, and the extra space can get converted into a living room or a makeshift kitchen. Its quality material makes it an acclaimed canvas for many, as well as it’s affordable when it comes to pricing.

  • Tepui Hybox Tent

The following tent offers itself as a standard cargo box that has few modifications in its design. It’s a versatile piece of camping gear that allows two adults to fit in it. Tepui is a hard shell rooftop tent, and this means its advantages are more beneficial to you.

  • Front Runner Roof Top Tent

The breathable tent weighs 93lbs, but you don’t need to take this lightweight construction to mean that it is short of durability. The tent fabric is of Oxford waterproof features and its proper balances for its environmental comfort and sturdiness. It has an element of a quick-release mechanism that adds to its appealing advantages.

  • Yakima Skyrise

Yakima can hold a maximum of three individuals as a rooftop tent. It has a mesh sunroof that provides proper ventilation, and at night, you can easily view the scenes around you with ease. The rooftop tents get also designed to be waterproof, and it has a double-layer window that can withstand any weather when camping.

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