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Will A Kayak Drown Me If It Is Upside Down?

When the thrill-seekers set out to satisfy their craving for adventure, it is only inevitable that kayaking will find its way on that list.

If you get upside down in a kayak then you can drown you if you do not act quickly enough to get out of your dangerous position.


To help you know just what to do at that moment, there are different steps listed down so you do not panic in such a situation.

Making A Wet-Exit:

Successfully escaping such a situation means knowing exactly how to make a wet-exit. There are certain rules in place that can teach you just how to maneuver your way around and make your way out safely. Not following them could mean a potentially fatal outcome.


Tuck Your Body Without Panicking:

The very first step to do here is to make sure that you do not start to panic and draw in too much air, as you will need as much of it as you can get in this case. You need to be well aware of the fact that there may be all kinds of sharp and solid things down there if it flips rather than just water. You must do your best to stay out of their way by tucking your body and especially your head as close to the kayak as you can. If something does come your way, in this position it will likely only ram against your gear like your helmet.

Attempt To Roll The Kayak:

A number of situations can decide how you should proceed next. If you have another person there to help out, you can roll it over together. If that is not the case you will have to find out a way to do it yourself without getting hurt. Either way, staying close to the kayak is the best possible thing to do rather than making a mad dash away.


Pull The Spray Skirt And Release The Ratchets:

If you have been in a kayak, you would know what a spray skirt is. Taking it off is how you need to continue in order to save yourself. You can even do that while you are trying to get your body close to the kayak. The backrest ratchet system may not necessarily be present on just about every kayak out there. However, if it is there and holding you tightly to the kayak, you will need to figure out a way to get out of it or wet-exiting may turn even more difficult for you.

Push Your Kayak Away:

Positioning matters a great deal as you need to generate and muster up all the strength you can to push the kayak away from your body. This is a highly important step and will decide whether or not you will be able to free yourself and get out of the tricky scenario. Once this is done with, be sure to know that you will be just a few paces away from freedom.

Try To Remain Upside Down:

Getting caught up in the eddy lines without the kayak even fully being flipped is a precarious position you would not like to end up in as it will leave you severely confused and disoriented. You may need to amend that situation to flip it the whole way. This can be done with a little movement from your hips.

Stick Close To Your Boat:

Swimming all the way to safety may not be as easy to do especially on your own without any external assistance. For the most part, you will have to utilize your gear in order to get yourself out of the water. This means having to stay close to your boat and also having your paddle at the ready.

If you make a misstep and manage to flip your kayak over and have no one around to help you out, it will be quite a tricky situation.

Kayaking is certainly no easy job and it is also not one without its fair share of risks. Be sure to stay as safe and careful as possible by following all the guidelines. Staying cool and calm in dangerous situations could truly save your life and ensure you get out of there safe and sound.

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