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External batteries vs. Solar Power for Camping

Solar is available only when sun is shining. Batteries are always available but are costly and run out. Solar is more costly but better for environment. So bring some of each while camping for hybrid.


When taking a camping trip, you need all the extra gear because you are going to the wilderness, and its just right to have some power accompaniment gear that will enable you to have your electronic devices powered on at night.

Anything might happen, and you need to be prepared at all costs if you need a flashlight or your phone with a GPS tracker.

But since then, we’ve come to rely more and more on electronic devices.

Weather alert apps, GPS, and apps for hunting and fishing have become essential for camping out of your time in the great outdoors. Not to mention, you need your phone to make pre-planned check-ins with friends and family.

Having a back power maybe form the external batteries or when you use a solar system. There have been several debates that involve the best mode between solar and external arrays that can get used when it comes to camping and so here is an analysis of them so that you can see which gets to offer more according to your needs.

The pros and cons of using external Batteries

Generally, batteries do provide the power that’s clean and stable. They have a discharge curve that chemically or physically gets determined by its voltage production.

Lithium batteries have different chemistries, and it’s safe to use the stable ones that you can install commercially. You, however, need to take care of them because they might be harmful to you.

One disadvantage is that they can get into a thermal runaway while you are camping. The batteries primarily catch fire or get hot while you use them for a long time. The scenario is dangerous while you are on a camping trip away from most people. When it experiences a vicious failure, it can result in such harmfulness; hence, you need to care for them properly.

Another disadvantage comes when you are implementing the external battery storage system. When camping, you need to pack the batteries in a way that they will not lose charge. You might find yourself powerless when this happens, and it might be a big problem for you.

Imagine spending a whole week in the wilderness while you don’t have anything to power your devices. It would be best if you get to pack multiple power packs of batteries even if it’s got to add to your bulk or weights of the gears you carried.

Pros and Cons of Solar Power

When camping, you will need a portable solar charger that can virtually produce infinite power, which you will need for your decisions. Some of the solar power gears have an inbuilt powerful power bank, and others have small batteries that are compact and lightweight. The seconds type of solar power has a survival prepped that tends to be very convenient when you decide to go for camping .they will allow you to keep your phone plugged into its charger as you expose it to the sun outside.

Solar power is very reliable, and it’s not harmful to the environment. You can keep the power bank to charge your phone all day, and you aren’t a risk of camping without accessing communication with other people. You can easily top it off while in your camping tent because of its ability to directly provide power via a USB cable.

The only disadvantage you may experience with solar power is when the sun isn’t available or camping during the winter. Sunlight is key to powering solar energy, and you should keep this in mind while going camping.

whenever you decide on what to choose between external batteries or solar power devices matters in terms of your need. Modern-batteries can get considered as suitable by most people because of the upgrade in technology.

They are also portable when moving around with the. Your phone can be just fine to charge but runs multiple apps all through a weekend while on the other hand, solar power can also provide a more extended amount of energy anywhere so long as there is sunshine. When you are running GPS the whole day, don’t depend on solar energy because the sun may not be available all through the day.


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