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5 Best Mosquito-Proof Camping Ideas for Summer

The mosquitoes are not just annoying; they can out your health in danger as well.

Here are the best ways to mosquito proof your camping trip: bug spray, location, tent, clothing, and washing.

Carry bug spray:

When you are moving out for camping in wooded lands where mosquito attacks are more common, it is better to carry a bug spray. The sad fact is that most of the bug sprays these days come with chemical ingredients that are not safe to use. You should look for something which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Also, the application method must be convenient. Experts advise choosing wipes, sprays, lotions or sunscreen with adequate SPF rating. There is no doubt to say that sprays are convenient to use, but they require repeated application.

On the other side, lotions can be a long-lasting solution, but they are a little bit sweaty and may also make you feel warmer by clogging skin pores. Hence, prefer to pick something which is easier to use depending upon your skin type.

Be careful in choosing your campsite:

Experts advise choosing the right area for a campsite; specifically, the one with the proper flow of wind so that bugs can blow away. Try to stay away from the areas near rivers, lakes and creeks. However, it may not always be possible to avoid water; especially in the rainy season.

It is also important to check how much shade and sun your campsite may receive throughout the day. It will give a better indication regarding how damp the site may be or how fast it can dry after storm and rain. Before you book your travel tickets to some campsite, prefer to check all weather details and surrounding conditions online.

Pick a reliable camping tent:

The best choice for all-weather camping is a double-wall tent. Experts consider it one of the most reliable outdoor shelter. These tents have inner mesh body which helps to ensure complete protection from insects and a separate nylon rain fly for enhanced privacy. This additional layer can also keep water outside, and these two layers are also perfectly ventilated for warm weather conditions.

While choosing your camping tent, it is always important to be careful about additional rain prevention and proper ventilation arrangement. Tents with zip closure can help you in easy enter and exit while keeping bugs out of the premises. Market these days is loaded with plenty of camping tent options. Beginners may get confused while making a purchase. Hence, it is advised to check reviews and ratings prior to making a purchase online.

Cover up your body:

When you are moving out for mosquito camping, it is better to make additional arrangements for covering yourself. Clothing is the best way to save your skin from bug attack. Prefer to pack some lightweight shirts with full sleeves and pair them up with wind pants. You can even find a mosquito head net; even if not so stylish, they can ensure enough protection from mosquitoes.

It is not just about covering your entire body; you can also try some expert tricks to make your apparels completely mosquito resistant. The idea is to smoke your clothes using some natural repellent that can easily repel insects. Also, one study reveals that mosquitoes are more attracted to the dark colour cloths; hence, it is better to choose clothes in a lighter colour.

Manage your body odours:

You might have heard that managing odour at the house can help you to avoid the attack of rodents and bears. In a similar manner, if you minimize odours from your body, you can minimize the chances of insect bites.

Unfortunately, we all can have scented body odours after a long hike, and it appears more alluring to the bugs and insects. Other than this, they get more attracted to scented toiletries. The camping experts recommend reducing body smell by using some lightly scented deodorant. If possible, try to rinse off your body with water before changing to fresh cloths.

You can find plenty of vacation destinations around but make sure you check details about weather conditions and camping options around. Whether you are planning to set up the camp in the outer location of your city or are ready to take a flight to some other city, it is better to make pre-investigation about weather conditions and site conditions.

Also, it is better to be careful while packing your luggage. Make sure you carry all essentials that can keep you safe from mosquito attacks. When everything is just perfect at your vacation destination, but a mistake on mosquito attack management can destroy all your plans.

When you are travelling with kids and pets, you have to be more careful about the scenario. Experts also advise using a campfire to repel bugs at campsites.

The smoke works like natural repellent in the wooded areas. You can collect woods from the surrounding areas and enjoy the bone fire with friends. It can be a perfect choice for entertainment while repelling mosquitoes as well.

When the city traffic and crowd is putting your mood in the worst state; the summer camping plans are the ultimate escape idea. It can offer a rewarding experience over your complicated life routines.

Just turn off your computers, say good buy to the long list of emails and put your smartphone on silent mode; head towards the woods and you will experience a new life during vacations. But the only thing to feel worried about during summer camping is the pesky mosquitoes. You need to make some reliable arrangements to stay safe from their painful attacks.

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