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How to Prevent Scorpions Attacks While Camping? (Repellents and More)

We all love to explore adventure sites, and camping gives us the best opportunity to have fun in the arms of nature but there is danger.

You can prevent scorpion attacks while camping by securing your tent, cleaning up, staying away from rock piles and areas with crickets, and using repellents. Also be careful dressing and putting on shoes.

Many frequent campers report the presence of scorpion in their shoes, and many others have been bitten by these scary creatures. Hence, before you pack your bag for the next campsite, it is important to make some arrangement for repelling scorpions.

Presence of scorpions at the campsite is a matter of fear; especially if you are enjoying the tour with kids and pets. These creatures can pose serious threats to humans and pets. You may have to make special arrangements for warding off these poisonous creatures same as mosquitoes.

Although most of the experts recommend using essential oils to repel scorpions from the campsite, you should also be aware of some other trusted methods that can secure your tent. Below we have listed a few such ideas to help you make your camping tour more memorable without worrying about scorpion attacks.


Secure your tent:

First of all, it is important to understand that scorpions need just a small hole or gap to get inside your camping tent. Hence, you need to seal all the patches, doors and windows carefully. You will be surprised to know that scorpions can stretch and flatten their body to enter through small openings.

If you don’t want to wake up to a scorpion in your tent, it is good to make proper security arrangements to save yourself. You should also be careful while making a selection for your camping tent. It should be made up of security layers and should have proper fixing options on the ground.

Set up your camp in an open environment:

Well, it is not a bad idea to choose some open space for setting up your camping tent. Such a location can help you stay safe from scorpions and other insects or bugs that are more active near caves or trees. Scorpions are more attracted toward secluded and dark areas as it works as the best source of shelter for them.

Scorpions get more active during extreme temperatures and warmer days, and they prefer to come out of their shelter. Also, you have to worry more about their attack in the night hours as they can also give you nasty sting. So, be careful in making a selection for your campsite. It should be away from scorpion shelters.

Check your surroundings:

Even when you have set up your camp on the open space, it is important to check the conditions around. Be aware of the debris and caves around which could be the hiding spots of scorpions.

The scorpions are fond of dark areas. They may be resting under the large rock, fallen tree branches or fallen debris. Don’t set your camp in such areas; rather prefer to look for large open spaces where you need not worry about such attacks.

Use scorpion repellents:

The best ways to repel pesky scorpions is to use some strong repellent. Although you can find many chemical-rich products in the market, it is better to be careful while making a purchase.

Experts recommend using essential oils for easy and safe handling. It is also possible to create scorpion and bug repellents at home. You can try mixing lemon eucalyptus, lavender and cedarwood and dilute them using some purified water. This homemade repellent can help you keep your family safe from scorpion attacks. You can also try cinnamon and orange essential oils as they are strong enough to invade critters.

Other than this, you can also use a bug catcher to get rid of bugs and insects at your camping area. It is also possible to find bug catchers with special vacuum functions so that you can easily suck up the attacking scorpion whenever needed. These specially designed tools make it easier to catch scorpions and transfer them to other location without killing them.

Keep your belongings safely:

You might have made the best efforts to secure your tent from scorpions, but many people fail to manage their belongings. Many campers have reported the presence of scorpions in their bags, shoes and other essentials. If your bag contains some smelly food which attracts insects and bugs; scorpions could also chase it. You need to be careful enough to prevent scorpion attack on your belongings.

Try to invest in a tent which allows you to hang your backpack high enough from the ground. Also, make proper arrangements to keep your clothes above the ground level. Don’t put the stinky or sweaty clothes randomly anywhere; the insects and scorpions could get attracted towards that odour.

If you are planning to move out for camping and hiking tour, it is good to get prior information about the target site first. You can check updates on Google about the area and possible critter attacks.

If it is a famous campsite, you will also find reviews from early campers who spent time here before you. Once you get detailed information about the site, you can choose the right camping tent and gear to keep your family protected from scorpion attacks.

Ensure proper food cleaning:

Insects are always in love with food; especially the leftovers that stay on the ground during your camping adventure. You may not observe those tiny particles, but insects are eager to get them fast. And having more insects at your campsite means sending an invitation to scorpions since it is their favourite food.

Even if the scorpions are not so active in the area, some other wildlife creatures may attack your tent. Hence, it is better to be more careful with your food droppings. Make sure you clean them from time to time to avoid insect attacks.

While heading towards campsite, also make sure that you pack all the essential things in your backpack. A first aid box is always must to avoid serious medical health conditions. You can also carry first aid solutions for scorpion stings. These simple tips and tricks can help you to avoid unfavourable situations at campsites.

Arizona Bark Scorpion, Very Dangerous

Here is one of the most widely known and commonly found species of scorpions. The bark scorpions are around 1 to 3 inches in length, and they can be identified from their distinct pale yellow colour. Although they are small in size, it has an advantage for them as they can be very quick. Moreover, their colour makes them difficult to spot in the forest. But it is important to mention that they can glow more in the blacklight; hence, you can spot them easily in the night hours.

Due to their nocturnal behaviour, Arizona bark scorpions are usually found below the rocks, in the crags and caves. However, they can also enter homes whole looking for some small insects, water, food and shelter. These scorpions are believed to be one of the most poisonous scorpions in Arizona. Their sting can cause more pain, swelling and breathing difficulties as well. Some people eve experience muscle spasms after their attack. When you are stung by these scorpions, it is better to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Arizona Stripe Tail Scorpion:

The strip tail scorpions are another common type of scorpions in the Arizona state. They can be identified from their fairy robust and lustrous metasoma and underlying pigment. The dorsal keels present on the metasoma terminate in unique spinoid granule, and hence they can name spinigerus which means spine bearing creatures.

These scorpions have smooth hands with inflated palm. The overall length of thee creatures can be 3 inches, and the colour may range from yellow to brown with some dark stripes. These strips can extend up to their lateral and middle eyes while creating a horned appearance. They can be commonly found under rocks and may even visit Arizona homes in search of food. The baby size can get inside easily.

Giant Hairy Scorpion:

Hadrurus arizonensis is another famous giant hairy scorpion found in the Arizona state. It is one of the largest scorpion species in the United States. The pedipalps and metasoma of these scorpions are densely covered by the hair; no other scorpion is found to have such dense covering on their body.

These creatures can vary in color with yellow to greenish appeal. The overall length of these scorpions can be 4 inches, and they burrow to find some water. These scorpions live on small spiders, other scorpions, lizards and centipedes.

Yellow Ground Scorpion:

The yellow ground scorpions have the almost same appearance as that of bark scorpions; hence, they are often misidentified by people exploring Arizona forests. These scorpions have slender fingers and hands with yellow granular body structure.

The most common thing that proves the difference between yellow ground and bark scorpions is their two metasomal segments. They are nocturnal in nature; hence, prefer to spend more time under rocks and other large objects. It is common to find these scorpions in South-eastern Arizona and at Great Basin deserts.

Scorpions and their stings:

As we have mentioned earlier, there are only one species of scorpions in the United States that can release some venom with its sting and it is Bark Scorpion. However, it is also important to know that almost all scorpions leave some venom with their sting, but not all of them are harmful to humans as the content is usually very less.

When you are moving out for an adventure tour at Arizona states, it is better to carry first aid kit with you which can help you get preliminary relief if attacked by a scorpion or some other venomous creature. Generally, less than 5% of the scorpion stings need immediate medical attention; others can get well in some time with ease.

Many people experience some allergic reactions due to stings. If you belong to this category, you may have to be careful about alarming symptoms. As scorpions do not have any teeth in their mouth, they release venom from the end of their tail. They also use their tail as a shield for their body and may use it for defense as well.

Scorpion stings do not leave any mark on the body. It may be difficult to identify any visible sign even when you are stung. One may only experience some numbness, tingling sensation and swelling in few cases. The overall impact depends upon the amount of venom injected by the scorpion.

Scorpions are not that aggressive to attack humans. In most cases, the stings occur when humans try to step on the scorpions or try to harm the area where these tiny creatures love to hide. If you wear proper protective footwear, it is easier to avoid scorpion stings. But make sure you do not walk to the debris piles, and do not touch rocks with hands.

Few precautions can save you from hidden scorpions out there. Some camping lovers and hikers also prefer to carry scorpion repellents with them to stay safe from scorpion attacks.

Poisonous Scorpions in Texas:

Experts reveal that there are almost 90 species of scorpions in the United States, out of which 20 are found in Texas. But it is also important to mention that people often come across only one species that is striped bark scorpions in Texas.

Many people believe that scorpions belong to the category of insects, but this is not true. Scorpions are basically predatory arachnids that are known to have eight jointed legs with almost six eyes. They make use of stringer on their tail to deliver painful blows to the prey and humans. The large claws of these creatures help them crush the prey with ease. Studies reveal that at an average, a scorpion can live for almost 25 years.

Scorpions in Texas are capable enough to crawl over branches, can climb trees, and can gain access to the exterior part of the roof and walls. When the weather outside goes hot, they prefer to move inside the home to stay cool. Since most of the scorpions are nocturnal creatures, you may see one only when it goes dark outside. Moreover, it will attack you immediately if it feels threatened.

One needs to know that out of 1500 estimated scorpion species all over the world, just very few have strong venom in their tails. As only striped bark scorpion is commonly encountered in Texas, it is known just for the painful stings. However, people with sensitive skin types can suffer more symptoms after a scorpion attack.

Characteristics of striped black scorpions in Texas:

The adult striped bark scorpions can grow up to the length of 2 to 3 inches, and the male scorpion can be identified from the long tail. The color in these adult scorpions can vary from tan to yellow.

Some of the most commonly found scorpions in Texas have two broad black strips on the upper side of their abdomen. The scorpions have a black triangular-shaped head with a black stinger that has a small tooth on the curve. The striped bark scorpions are known to have eight jointed legs.

The striped bark scorpions prefer to live in the darker sites; you can commonly find them below rocks, in juniper breaks, and grasslands as well. Other than this, they also try to find fallen logs, dead vegetation, and human dwellings to stay in a cool and moist area.

The mating season for scorpions falls between spring, fall, and early summer. The females are capable enough to give birth to almost 12 to 48 babies, and the full development of these babies take around eight months. After taking birth, the babies stay with the mother until they grow up well and ultimately leave to live an independent life. At an average, scorpions in Texas can live up to 25 years; however, most of them live only up to 6 years. Small baby scorpions can get in anywhere.

Being nocturnal creatures, scorpions prefer to come out in the night hours. It helps them to escape high temperatures while conserving more body water. They can feed on small centipedes, spiders, and insects.

Baby scorpions are more dangerous than adult because they can sneak into your house more easily due to smaller size. The bite is about the same.

Scorpion bites and preventions:

Scorpions do not bite; rather, they use stings to release venom. Although they do not harm humans, they can do so when they feel threatened or unsafe. In most cases, scorpions use their stings to deal with the species that prey on them.

Studies reveal that scorpion stung usually does not cause any major trouble. Moreover, Texas scorpions are not venomous. However, some people report mild symptoms such as swelling, pain, and irritation. Few others may also report convulsions and numbness due to scorpion stings, and in some extreme cases, people may feel difficulty in breathing. People that prone to allergies may report serious complications and may even die with their venom. Hence, it is better to take immediate medical assistant to reverse the impact of sting on your body.

In order to avoid an encounter with scorpions in Texas homes, you should follow these simple tips:

  • It is good to do some scorpion hunting before they come to harm you. You can make use of black light to search them as it makes them appear blue and search around all the corners of the cervices of the house.

  • As scorpions prefer to live in the dark, they may be hiding in some dark corners of your house. Some of their favorite locations maybe shoes, cloths, and the area below your bed. It is better to shake your clothes and shoes before you use them.

  • If you are working outside in the garden or lawn, it is better to protect your hands using gloves. You never know where they may be hiding; it is better to stay safe.