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How Much Should I Pay For A Used Kayak? (19 prices)

If you want to get up to a bit of fun and connect with nature at the same time, consider getting a kayak for yourself.

A used kayak will cost about $500 and will range from $100-$15000 depending on type and condition. I did some research on craiglist and found the average price was $499 as shown in this chart:


Used Kayak Price in USD
12 foot oceanic kayak $400
Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 13 $550
13-ft Pelican Elite Kayak $850

Cobra Tourer Kayak

13.5′ Perception Swing $320

Perception Sport Doubleplay 12.0 Tandem Sit-on-Top Kayak

Cayman Fishing kayak $550
inflatable Sevylor Professional SB 2 person kayak $50

Tarpon 120 Kayak


17’ Dagger Apostle Kayak


Dagger Kingpin 6.3 kayak


Lifetime Monterey Kayak


Perception Bimini kayak 15


Magellan Origins 12


Dirigo 106 Old Town Kayak


17’ Dagger Apostle


Equinox Angler 12ft kayak


Nucanoe Pursuit


Wilderness Systems Sealution XL


Intex K2 Challenger Inflatable


Tarpon 140

Average cost: $499


You can get good deals at moving sales, ebay, and craigslist.

It is a good way to get your blood roaring while having the cool spray of water stinging your face the entire time. However, if you want to go for it only occasionally and have it as a mere side hobby, you might prefer to buy a used kayak and not waste as much money.

A newer kayak though may have an entirely different feeling and could give you a better experience; sometimes it is an old one that is preferable. If you are wondering just what kind of a price range you can expect to find considering them, we just may be able to help you out with that.

A kayak can last anywhere from 5-15 years or more. It depends on the material used in manufacturing as well as the care and maintenance it receives over time.



Determine The State Of The Kayak:

There are certain things that you need to observe and identify in order to know how much a kayak is truly worth. To start with there are a number of different kinds of kayaks that you need to choose from ranging from touring kayaks to racing ones and even recreational kayaks. Be sure to trail your hands over the body of the kayak to find out if there are any dents or vulnerabilities. However, just looking it over carefully should do that enough. The way that it was stored by the previous owner also matters a great deal.

Allowing it to stay out for months on end with a simple tarp shielding it could mean that plenty of moisture would be trapped there in all that time. If they stored it on its hull, a great deal of the weight would be attributed to it that may also not be entirely ideal.


Test Out The State Of The Kayak:

Though all the noticeable aspects are likely to clue you in about how much value the kayak truly has, it is still advisable to seat yourself in it and give it a test ride. It is unlikely that the owner will mind much as it is an important part of making your decision.

Once you get it up and going, you need to be wary about certain points. No water should be leaking once you start paddling, as that is fairly undesirable.

The seating should be comfortable enough for you to be able to spend a considerable portion of your day there without feeling uncomfortable. It must also be stable and easy enough for you to maneuver to prevent any kind of incident. All such factors will help you realize just whether the money stated is worth it based on the condition of the kayak.

Pricing To Expect If A Kayak Is Used:

A lot of shops selling kayaks use a certain strategy when it comes to selling used kayaks and it is one you should be aware of when going out to buy it. There is a 50% rule that is in place for a whole lot of them that requires them to sell used kayaks for at least 50% of the original retail price. That seems like a fair offer depending on what the condition of the kayak actually is. A new one costs a lot more.

If you are getting it for 70% of the retail price, it means that the model is not too old and is in fairly good shape so it depends on your preference and just how much you are willing to put up with it.

Knowing just how old it is may also be a helpful factor as those that date back to 10 years will definitely be available for cheaper. Depending on the model, you may even get a rate of around 33% if it is old enough.

If you do not want to blow too much cash on getting a kayak, you can acquire a used one for a reasonable price based on the pricing rule the shops around you follow. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any kind of deformities or uncomfortable features that might disappoint you later on.

Be absolutely vigilant and careful, as you may not know what to expect with a used kayak. If you do find the perfect one, be sure to have tons of fun and go all out.