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7 Ways to Have Free Outdoor Fun(without spending money)

Moving out with the family to enjoy a vacation can be a costly affair but does not have to be.

Here is list of ways to have fun outdoors for free: go to the beach walk around, play volleyball, tent camp. You can also go on picnic, attend free events, take a walking tour, browse markets, museums, and play games.

If you are planning to fly in a large group, you have to be prepared to spend a considerable amount on airfare, hotel rooms, baggage fee, taxis and car rental.

Relax at the beach:

If you are moving out for an adventure trip in the summer season, beach outing can be a more relaxing and fun-rich solution. Kids would love to collect some seashells on the beachside; however, adults can enjoy some festive vibes around. You can exercise at the beach site, swim into the safe water or engage in some water sports activity.

The beach areas are known for their picturesque surroundings and entertaining vibes. Bring a tent and camp.

Enjoy a picnic in the park:

Every busy city in the world and famous tourist destinations have well-maintained parks around. Depending upon the weather outside, you can spend some time in these parks while having fun with kids. Many of these parks offer free entry to families or may give special discount on the entry of kids. You just need to carry your picnic basket and a few essentials to make your park picnic more memorable.

Make sure you ask them in advance regarding any trouble related to extra baggage, an extra blanket or bedding arrangements. Look for some recyclable options of cups, plates and silverware that you can use during picnic hours. In case if your hotel is ready to provide you complimentary breakfast, you can take advantage of this option.

Check out Google for free events:

When you have finalized the dates for your vacation outings, it is time to go to the internet and search for the best free events at your travel destination. You will be happy to hear that many big cities keep on hosting events throughout the year; especially during festival seasons where tourists are also allowed to take part for free. In case if you cannot find the best deals on Google; you can check out some local newspapers for the best information. Some pubs, local stores and tourists adventure sites can be the target areas for cherishing free events.

In case if all these options fail, you can ask your hotel concierge team to help you find the right event at a nearby location. The local staff members can be the best source of information to save more on show and event tickets.

Free walking tour:

Free tours of cities and towns are always a part of adventure outing. Although free doesn’t always mean completely free; but you can have cheap offers and lots of discounts. The best part is that these tours are safe to move with family and friends. You can ask the tour guides you love to take people to the hidden treasures of the city.

Local live music events:

Many pubs, bars and restaurants keep on hosting performer night events to boost their weekend sales. You can be a part of these gatherings for free and enjoy local live music with friends and family. At most of these venues, you need not pay even a single penny and still find an opportunity to dance on the floor. The concierge service providers at your hotel may also guide you well about such events.

Explore farmer markets:

One of the best options for free entertainment in almost all big cities is to explore the local farmer’s market. Here you can see several unique varieties of vegetables, fruits and many other products from the surrounding area. Many vendors are even ready to offer free samples and tastings of their products.

Free museums:

Museums are no longer that famous hangout places they used to be a few years back. Probably, people have found other alternatives to explore. But when you are moving out with family and want to make the tour worth for your kids, it is good to spend a few hours at the museum. The great news is that museums these days have taken advantage of the latest technologies.

With plenty of amazing facilities and advancements, you can expect amazing experience at these exhibitions. No matter to which corner of the world you are moving for a vacation celebration, you can find some well-maintained museums almost everywhere. The point is that you need to check how much fee they are charging for family tours. Many famous museums offer free visits to families at a specific time of the year. Just stay up to date about best offers and plan your trip accordingly.

Play games:

We are never too old to plan games; whether at home with kids or during outdoor adventure vacations. After all, it is the best trick to boost family bonding while experiencing lots of entertainment. You can check out some places for football, baseball or volleyball etc. where free entry is permitted for tourists. Some of you may also love to enjoy swimming, kayaking, or fishing outdoors.

No matter where you are moving out for family adventure, it is good to look for some opportunities to free adventure. Some activities are worth your physical and mental energy. If you love to capture memories of vacations, prefer to carry a camera with you. At the same time, it is also good to check for some cheap public transportation options and parking. Also, try some festive events with and fairs at different locations.

Before you plan your vacations, make sure that you read all about the target destinations and collect enough information about how to save more.

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