What poundage long bow do you need

If you are aware of your compound bow, then you should shoot a draw weight 15 pounds less.

For example, male archers with a bodyweight of 170 to 200 pounds that allows the suggested draw weight should be in a range from 55 to 60 pounds. Similarly, for general women and most youths, if the body type is of 130 to 160 pounds, then the suggested draw weight is around 35 to 50 pounds.


If you know your draw length, then you can find the corresponding bow length. For example, if you have a draw length under 24’ then you will need a bow length of 64”. Typically, poundage long bow is 15 pounds lighter than the compound bow draw weight. There are other ways also like the 30-second test to determine the best poundage long bow.

In whatever condition you are, when you will go to the market for buying the bow, you must know your draw weight. You have to make sure about the poundage long bow. See vs shortbow.

If you want the best experience, then this is your first job. You have to find the correct poundage else you will face issues like soreness, muscle fatigue, and cramping. The joy of learning a new thing will go away if you choose the wrong one. Correct draw weight will help you to be attracted to the sport. Anything lighter or heavier will ruin those possibilities and will put a great impact on your health too.

How to Determine Proper Draw Weight

As mentioned previously, there are different methods of calculating the proper weight of poundage long bow. It is important to figure out the correct one for your own sake. Use such a weight that your body can tolerate and you are good to carry out the exercises. Else, either drop some weight or add more.

One such easy option to find out poundage long bow proper weight is by using charts. Standard charts are available and one can go through it very easily. While your height and weight are important in this field, but, most people rely on the draw length to find out the appropriate bow length. For example, draw length under 24” requires a bow length of 64”. Similarly, if you have a draw length of 31” +, then your ideal bow length will be between 70” to 72”.

Some people say that draw length is not so an important factor here and no need to find draw weight based on only draw length. So that chart is not a full-proof one but one can easily rely on that chart while learning.

The majority of the people prefer the 30-second test which is very popular in this field. In the 30 second test, you have to pull back a bow at full draw and hold the draw as well as the position for 30 seconds.

This can help you to find what poundage long bow you need. If you can handle it for 30 seconds means you can do it. If you can’t then be rest assured that with such workload you can’t practice for several hours. You have to modify your long bow weight. It should not be too heavy, also it must not be too light. There needs a balance between the two.

How to Know about your Over Bow

The earlier tradition was to use long and heavy bows. But, over the years, the weight deals scientifically with the bodyweight of the archer. You have taken a bow and if you find it too heavy, think immediately. Shift to a bow that can suit as per your ability and strength.

While aiming the bow upward for pull it back at full draw, if you are unable to draw the bow back to full length, then this bow is heavy for you.

Pull your bowstring towards your waist in the full draw and check if you have gone for full length or not. If not, then this is an overweight poundage long bow for you.

If you are exhausted completely after a few rounds or your muscles start agitating against you after a little workup, then it is the alarm to change the weight of the bow. With overweight, you will struggle to manage everything and your muscles will be fatigued. Even if you can draw a heavy bow does not mean that is ideal for you. You must follow the calculations to find the ideal one.

What is a Poundage Long Bow?

Poundage long bow was made from yew woods mostly, else from elm, ash, and other types of woods. It was not a good looking thing but was strong, stiff, large, and capable of throwing arrows to some distance. Bowstrings were generally made of silk, flax, or hemp and were attached to the wood via nocks in both arms.

Poundage long bow comes in different weight and one has to choose accordingly. Poundage long bow is used for thousands of years all over the world for hunting, sport, and war. Even today, archers like the poundage long bow a lot.

Poundage long bow is also known as the English longbow as it was mostly used by the Englishmen. Longbow signifies a tall bow for archery and was used mostly in war. History goes back to the medieval period when the English longbow was used a lot and gradually it lost its importance in the field of wars.

So, you have to be very cautious about choosing the ideal poundage long bow. You must go through all available options before finalizing your poundage long bow. With proper weight, you can be a champion in this field, but if you don’t understand the right pressure for you then you might end in muscle or tissue tearing like issues.

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