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What materials get used to making a tent?

Various tent fabrics exist in the market, and you will find some time to be expensive, while others are moderately priced. Each of the structures has its unique features with different advantages and disadvantages.



Tents are made of cotton, polyester, nylon, and pvc. Each material has is pros and cons.


  • Cotton/canvas tents

Canvas is one of the most popular tents that you can come across in the market. It has several advantages, such us regulating extra temperature.


The cotton material will keep your cost while it offers maximum ventilation during too much warmth. Unlike other tent materials, it is less prone to condensation. You should know that before you use the canvas tent for the first time, it will need to go through weathering. It involves putting your tent up before you start camping on your trip and wait till it rains or pours on it water.


The following process will cause the cotton fibers to Nestle and swell while ensuring that the tent is waterproof. When you don’t execute the weathering process before you camp, you may experience some water drops that will pass through the canvas tent.


The weathering process gets only done once, but in some cases, you may need to do it at least thrice so that you fully ensure that the tent is waterproof. That’s why it’s necessary to confirm the waterproof of a tent before you start your camping trip.

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  • Polyester-cotton tents

The following combination results in delivering a tent that offers durability and strength. They don’t have to get coated so that they can become waterproof, but mostly, you will find that they have an extra layer that repels water; hence it’s waterproof. Such a tent is also more affordable compared to any other shelter.



  • Polyester Tents

Polyester tents get made from the polyester material, which gets preferred because they are durable in making tents. You can’t compare polyester to nylon because it’s also available in various coatings. Before you buy a polyester tent, you need to engage in some research first to know the specifics of the polyester.


The coating ideally affects a polyester tent’s price because it provides maximum ventilation that doesn’t let any moisture through it. Some of the polyester characteristics are similar to that of poly-cotton. Still, it has the advantage of not shrinking or getting heavier when it directly gets into contact with water. Polyester tents, though, get affected by the sunlight.


  • Nylon

Most of the campers, who go for a hike, prefer using nylon tents from all other tents available. They do so because the material is light and also it’s lightweight. The pricing of this tent is affordable for anyone looking to buy their tents from the market.


An additional coating is put on the nylon in the tent because this material isn’t waterproof. It also means the nylon tent can become very heavy or shrink when it rains. The addition of a protective coating will also offer protection to this tent. The coats might be acrylic, silicone or polyurethane, which provides durability and resistance of any water that comes in contact with the canvas.


The silicone coating is the best among all others, and they will offer maximum protection. However, there will be an issue with the cost, and at this point, you can decide on considering the use of acrylic coatings.



  • PVC-coated tents

The large cotton tents can get accompanied by an exterior coating of the polyvinyl chloride, which makes the tent waterproof. When you get such a tent, there is no need to engage in a weathering process before you embark on your trip.


Your tent might, however, experience condensation with the PVC-coat, and it’s important that when you go to purchase this tent, you need to get one that gets ventilated when enough to avoid the problems of condensation.



Before you buy any tent, you need to go through the following article to know which material is best for your need as you go for your camping trip. Manufacturers have diversely made tents using the earlier mentioned materials which meet the needs of every camper.





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