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Everything You Need to Know About Pop Up Campers

The adventure lovers are always in need of some recreational vehicles that can offer them home-like comfort while spending time outdoors. Many of you might be interested in spending time on the campsites while doing all the fun with friends and family. But this outdoor experience is nothing without pop up campers.

These campers are the best way to spend some memorable hours in the tough mountain areas. For beginners that have not purchased an RV yet, these specially designed trailer attachments may make a sense. They give you amazing freedom for parking, driving and towing without making any special arrangement.

There is no doubt to say that buying a pop-up trailer is a big investment. Hence, one should do proper research before picking any random product from the market. Spare some time to go through the details below.

What is a pop-up camper?

Pop up campers are also known as tent trailers or fold-out campers. These camping trailers are designed in such a way that they collapse down to smaller shape. Hence, people find them a portable solution for outdoor adventure hours. They work like a fifth wheel with your camping vehicle and may offer plenty of mess area, functional bathroom and large mattress as well.

There is no need to haul heavy, massive trailers; these tiny pop up campers can fold up into a small package with a nice finish. Even beginners will find them easier to toe as compared to the full-sized trailer.

What to look for when buying a Pop-Up Camper?

Pop Up Campers offer so many benefits; however, one needs to be more careful while buying one. As the market is loaded with plenty of designs from different brands, buyers may often get confused among competitive features. Well, if you are looking for some guidance to buy your first pop up camper, you are on the right page. Below we have listed a few important features and benefits that are worth considering while making such a big investment:

Lighter to pull:

The pop-up campers are usually much lighter as compared to the standard travel trailers because they have partial fabric walls and are made up of lesser material. You can find these trailers with weight as light as up to 800 pounds; however, the heavier versions can grow up to 2000 pounds. This is a considerable difference as compared to the 5000 pounds weight of the average full-size travel trailer.

There are two amazing benefits of choosing a pop-up trailer with lightweight finish: one is that your vehicle will offer higher gas mileage. The reason is pretty straightforward, less weight you need to pull means more fuel economy. It clearly means that even your SUV or mid-sized truck can easily haul the camper.

Weather matters:

If you love to go camping in almost all seasons of the year, it is important to pay more attention to the insulation arrangement. There is no doubt to say that RV style campers can provide better weather shield. They can keep you dry in the rainy weather while offering a complete solution for fun and adventure.

When you move out to buy pop up camper, it is important to check the weather elements. The design should be airy, but at the same time, it should offer cosy feeling in the winter and rainy season. You may have to check the material of the camper and make sure that it doesn’t get harmed due to rot and mould with regular dampness. Some pop-up campers also come with climate control features as they have internal furnaces, heaters and air conditioning units.

Shower arrangements:

There is no doubt to say that pop-up campers have some space constraints, but you should always look for the one with bathrooms inside. The availability of shower and toilet within camper can help you enjoy full comfort during an adventure tour. Some campers come with a cassette toilet; however, others may offer a plain view. In some cases, the toilet may be hidden below the bedside table. You may also find many campers with a toilet in the main living area.

When you look for a new pop up camper, it is good to check the bathroom, shower and toilet arrangements. It may increase the price of the camper, but is a reliable solution in the long run.

Overall cost:

Ultimately, you have to be careful about the overall cost of the pop-up camper. When we call it overall cost, it means the buyer should not just stay focused towards the buying price of the camper; rather, at the same time, it is important to think about the maintenance and care.

While making an investment, make sure that your selected pop-up camper can serve you in the long run while sustaining the weather damage, routine wear and tear as well. High-quality camping gear may include large upfront cost, but it may help you save more in the long run.

Storage space:

Although many pop-up campers are made up of considerable size, the overall storage space is lesser as compared to the RV spectrum. Even when they are fully deployed, the space inside appears a little bit compact. You may have to make little bit adjustment for kitchen space, sleeping area and bathroom as well.

However, while buying a new pop up camper, you should compare the size of all available options. Smaller indoor space also has a great advantage that it encourages travellers to spend more time outdoors and they will be able to avail real benefits of their outdoor adventure tour. The experience will be more like real camping, instead of RV sleeping. Make sure you make a reliable decision between the weight and space of the camper.

So, get ready to buy your pop-up camper now. Soon you will be able to experience a memorable time at a wonderful campsite.

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