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Bass Fishing Tips for Green Water

Bass fish are predatory fish that are found in freshwater and green water. They have an elongated, and robust body shape. Most people catch bass in freshwater, but when they’re in green water, people hesitate to fish in it. Here’s how you can do bass fishing in green water.

When to Fish in Green Water?

Mostly bass lives in freshwater. Sometimes, when algae are formed in a lake, it turns the water green. The bass then starts to live in the green water and tries to adapt to the new condition. For most people, fishing in green water is difficult and that’s why they don’t fish in green water at all. People need to understand the nature of the algae. Algae bloom in midday when the sun is out. It contracts when there is no sunlight. So the perfect time to fish in green water is early morning when the water is not so green.

What Type of Rig to Use?

Once you finalize a time for your fishing, the next step is to choose the right type of rig to catch a bass in green water. Several types of rigs can be used. One such is Texas rig, with a live or plastic lure. To make such a rig, start by threading the tag end through a 1/8 to 1 oz. bullet sinker. Then use a weed-less hook size 1/0 to 5/0. Afterward, attach a hook. Then place the hook in top of the worm and threadworm on a hook. Continue to threadworm to knot. Then push worm over the knot and pick up over hook. Lastly, push the hook back into the worm gently.

What Bait to Use?

The bait for bass fishing in green water should be selected based on the color of the bait. The color is important so that it is visible in green water. Bass’ natural diet is insects, crayfish, smaller fish, and frogs, and tadpoles. Live baits like leeches or worms are perfect baits for bass. In green water, you can use either a white crankbait, a black or blue jig, or dark worms. Don’t go for green or brown baits when the water is severely green. You need a bait, which is easily seen by the fish.

What Methods to Use?

When you fishing in green water with Texas rig, cast the worm and make sure it falls to the bottom. Because the algae are on the surface, and the fish is below the surface. Reel the worm in. Start jigging and keep in contact with the bottom. Make sure you pay attention to the line. When the line goes slack, it means the bait is in the bass’ mouth. Now reel up the slack to hook the fish. Then set the hook by pulling the rod tip back sharply. It is important to keep the line taught, as slackline can sometimes cause the hook to dislodge.

Bass fishing in green water is different than freshwater. For green water fishing, you have to change the time of fishing, the bait, the rig type, and the method of fishing.

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