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Will Deer Attack Humans?

Deer are beautiful and timid creatures. They don’t get aggressive easily. However, there are certain circumstances where they will attack humans and fellow deer. When you come across a dear, leave him alone.

Deer are mammals that come from the Cervidae family. They live in grasslands, wetlands, forests, and mountains. By nature, deer are timid and skittish. They can run away when they see a predator. However, it has been reported that deer can attack humans as well.

Are Deer Aggressive?

White-tailed deer use flight as a surviving strategy when given a choice between flight or fight. However, a doe can become aggressive if she feels a threat to her fawns. Most of the cases of aggression are reported around fawning areas. Bucks can also become violent and aggressive during their mating season. Their testosterone level increases in this season. Which are they even attack their fellow deer? Deers can be dangerous when you approach them. Therefore, precautions should be taken when you see one.

What to do if a Deer Attacks You?

When a deer is angry and you have approached it. It will most probably attack you. It will attack you with its antlers and hooves. To save yourself from getting injured badly, control his direction of attack with his antlers. You have to steer his horns to your side. If you have a firm hold on his horn, try to take him off his feet. In a twisting move take him down. Deer lose their aggression when they are taken off their feet, and they will most likely escape. However, a mature buck may come back and attack you again.

Measures to Reduce an Unfavourable Encounter

Deer can be aggressive under some conditions. That’s why humans must use their common sense to reduce the likelihood of any unfavorable encounter. First of all, don’t try to feed it intentionally, and never approach it. When you see a deer with its fawns, be very cautious. During a rut season (October to December), a buck can become aggressive because it is their mating season. Avoid facing them during this season. Observe a deer from a vehicle or structure only. Most importantly, invest in a fence to avoid deer attacks.

Don’t Disturb Fawns

Most people call wildlife rehabilitators and animal agencies when they see a fawn in backyards, woods, and fields. People assume that they have been orphaned. When in reality they’re not. In most cases, the fawns have not been abandoned. Usually, the mother is aware and attentive about her fawns. A mother hides her fawns only when she is feeding them. In the spring, when you come across a fawn in the backyard, don’t disturb it. Because a mother is probably nearby and will take care of her fawn when you leave.

How Dangerous is a Deer Attack?

A deer attacks occasionally when they feel threatened. Its attack is not so lethal and brutal. It is highly unlikely that a deer will kill a human. However, when they attack you, you may get bruises and injuries. It may even break your bones with its horns. The attack also depends on the specie of deer. If it’s a mature buck, it may give you severe injuries. You may even be hospitalized if you are attacked by a buck. In short, it will not kill you, but it surely will harm you.

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