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Try Backpacking for a Healthy Life – Incredible Benefits, Strength, and Weight Loss

In this progressive world, we spent most of our life messing up with office workload, household chores and social responsibilities. Very few of us get the opportunity to look after our physical and mental health with full attention. But those who are lucky enough to do so need to be more careful about their life choices.

When you start planning for an adventure activity with friends, always choose the one that can bring some incredible health benefits. One should never miss a chance to explore hiking trails by taking out some time out of the hectic lifestyle. For many, it must be just a fun activity; however, the scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits of hiking trip or backpacking are hard to miss. The idea to trudge the mountains for a few miles may be exhausting for the beginners, but it is an incredible exercise.

Backpacking – The idea for complete health and fitness

The key to maintaining your health and body is finding an exercise that keeps you motivated and active. Instead of spending all your valuable time at the gym with some complicated machines, you should come out into nature and workout outdoors. Well, backpacking and hiking are the ultimate choices for all those who want to stay in shape while keeping their mental health on top priority.

Many research studies reveal that backpacking in nature or spending time in the woods and forests can help you deal with the negative emotions and the critical feelings of low self-esteem. It is also evident to restore your mental health while eliminating stress and anxiety from life. In short, a backpacking tour to the nature reserve, urban parks and woodlands are scientifically proven solution to cope with everyday challenges of life. Just 90 minutes of the hike can bring measurable changes in the human brain while helping them combat the depression-related symptoms.

The incredible health benefits of backpacking:

The recent research studies provide amazing facts and figures about the benefits of backpacking. Here we have listed a few incredible benefits of this adventure-filled workout idea:

Promote weight loss:

You will be surprised to know that just one hour of trekking is capable enough to burn almost 500 calories in your body. The results may be even more amazing depending upon the weight in your backpack and the level of incline. Experts reveal that hiking trails are usually softer on joins as compared to the concrete and asphalt; hence, this activity is easier to bear for your knees and ankles as compared to running. Those who head towards the hills repeatedly are more likely to maintain their fitness levels while keeping body weight under control.

Cardiovascular strength:

As backpacking need covering of larger distances, while walking up on foot over mountains and down hills, the heart finds better opportunity to pump harder for fulfilling oxygen demands. Many studies support the fact that backpacking can improve your cardiovascular fitness resulting in a full-body workout. Furthermore, this type of intense exercise increases good cholesterol levels while reducing the bad one. The blood circulation gets naturally improved, and it prevents problems associated with high blood pressure. Repeated backpacking can help you improve cardiovascular strength with improved mood.

Muscle toning:

We all know that regular walking can keep our but in shape, but the benefits of taking sharp inclines and hills offers much more benefits. It can help you to tone up all muscles with enhanced endurance and strength in the upper body. A frequent backpacker is likely to have excellent muscle strength while offering exercising benefits to every muscle in the body. It works from calves and quads to the core abdominal muscles.

Interval training:

Interval cardio includes short bursts of exertion; hiking tour can be an excellent example for that. Backpacking involves hours of walking up and down the hills, and it can help you target your aerobic rate with ease. Climbing not just improve your heart rate, but can also provide additional strength to arms, legs and core muscles with strength training. With this kind of interval training, your metabolism can function better while burning more calories over time.

Reduce anxiety:

Moving out on a hiking trail with friends and family can offer you incredible mental health benefits. This super sweaty workout can cleanse off all the stress hormones from your brain while improving the rhythms inside. This exciting social activity is recommended for enhanced lifestyle. Research shows that hiking is a great therapy for people who are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. It inspires people to enjoy a more active lifestyle while building a healthy relationship with nature. After every backpacking tour, you will experience an enhanced sense of well-being and overall peace.

Builds stronger bone:

Backpacking or hiking tour require optimum efforts from the human body for climbing, jumping, stretching, and dodging at repeated intervals. These small bursts of exercises can help your bones to get stronger. Backpackers also carry many essential supplies such as first aid boxes, waster, camping equipment and clothes which add more weight to the spine and shoulders. When carried adequately, these practices can help you improve overall fitness with increased bone density.

Beyond all, hiking teaches us incredible surviving skills that can be beneficial for life. People who spend more time on trails and hikes are more likely to develop a stronger connection with nature and experience a greater sense of well-being. Hiking offers an incredible opportunity to simplify our life and opens the way to sustainable happiness.

It is the right time to pack your bag with all the essentials and move out to a wonderful hiking tour with friends and family. You will experience positive changes in your overall health.

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