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What Time of Year do Bass Hit Topwater?

Bass is the name of fishes which cover a range of fishes found in freshwater as well in salty water. It mainly belongs to three families which are Serranidae, it contains around 400 species of sea bass. The second one is Moronidae which includes around 6 species such as European basses and the striped. The third one is Centrarchidae (sunfishes) which contains large and smallmouth basses.

Bass fishing

Bass fishing is the act of fishing utilizing angling for the North American black bass which is also known as gamefish. Bass fishing is a sport that has transformed drastically since its beginning in the nineteenth century and now it has developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Time of year bass hit topwater

Sharp after spawning, in the late spring season, and into the autumn months. After laying eggs fishes are sluggish, hungry, and searching for food. Their starvation for food forces them to hit the topwater in search of food. In the fall season, the temperature of the water is warm enough to keep the bass hit the topwater.

Time of day bass hit the topwater

Early morning and evening are the most appropriate timings for bass to come to the surface. They are sensitive and try to avoid any light, so fishing in the low light or cloudy sky is most suitable. Fishes have a highly tuned internal barometer which assists them forecast the weather because they are highly sensitive to storms. They remain under deep water during rainfall and thunderstorm and only come to the surface when the weather becomes clear enough for them to feel comfortable.

Characteristics of bass fish

Fishes are cold-blooded and like to hang out in relatively warm water. If the water is cold then it also decreases the body temperature of bass, and hence it became sluggish and does not move out to the surface of the water. Similarly, if the temperature of the water is too high, it lowers down oxygen level at the surface making bass less likely the hit the topwater.

Best season for bass fishing

Bass fishing typically is done in three seasons which includes pre-spawn season which starts in April that is when the water temperature is on a bit warmer side and fishes tend to come to the surface of the water in search of food which makes the fishing easy.

Late summer and the beginning of fall are also the very suitable season for bass fishing because these seasons increase the feeding activity with bass who begins to know about the arrival of cold weather.

Bass is an extremely popular fish in North America especially for bass fishing, but its fishing is not as easy as it seems. You have to wait for the right season and right time if you want to enjoy the thrill of bass fishing which are spring and autumn season that is when the bass fish comes to the surface of the water and easy to hunt.

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