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Which Type of Camping Stove is best, Gas or Propane?

Using a gas stove propane stove, it depends on your usage. For home, it might be a different choice and for camping, it might be a different choice.

  1. Difference between the two

These are fossils fuels produced domestically, propane is compressed into a liquid form while natural gas however exist in a gaseous state and is delivered to masses via a pipeline, natural gas is naturally occurring fuel before its usage is made cleaned to make it more efficient, while propane is refined fuel, propane is, in fact, hydrocarbon like ethane and butane. These hydrocarbons are found in petroleum and natural gas. Often, they are considered interchangeable because of some similarities, both are used for heating, cooking and other general purposes.

  1. Propane stove

If you are planning for a trip it is advisable to use a stove using propane as its fuel, they are quite handy and easy to use, it is stored in a cylinder which is easy to carry from one place to another during the trip, and its flame can be adjusted according to your use and requirement. This stove is cheaper as compared to other stoves in the market, it is used for outdoor use mainly. It is also advisable to use it in an area of high altitude.

  1. Stoves in tents

Tents are often made from flammable fabric as well as non-breathable fabric. Thus, it may be very dangerous, any sort of flame may catch fire. The ventilation inside a tent will build gas fumes which will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning as well as explosion. Thus, it is advisable to keep the stove outside of the tent to avoid such risks. One should follow complete safety instructions for its usage. However, in bad weather one should keep the stove inside with proper care

  1. Burner options

There are three burner options too, it is for those who want to cook food in a specific time but most people use a single or double burner option, it depends on your personal preference. If you are in a large group with your friends then you need to take a double or triple burner option. It depends on the number of people and the time in which you want to cook the meal or you want to make a complex meal, in such scenario you will need more heat to get the food cooked.

  1. How much can you carry?

The weight of a small canister may be measured in ounces. How much you can carry? If your answer is “not much” then you must take a portable and lightweight system. If weight is that big of a consideration, consider that liquid fuel containers consistently outweigh containers for a canister stove, as do the stoves themselves. But the longer the trip, the more canisters you’ll need, making liquid fuel a potentially more economical choice—in terms of both money and energy you’ll expend lugging it all around.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance of everything is mandatory. You should take proper care of these camping stoves, Liquid fuel stoves maintenance is a bit easy, thus regular inspection can avoid major issues, while gas stoves are considered to be very clean-burning, it can start to degrade once exposed to air Maintenance and proper care though during camping is tough especially in bad weather but still maintenance of liquid fuel stove can be done easily by following its manual and thus it can work efficiently.

  1. Depends on location

The location also matters a lot meaning the area in which you are camping. Sometimes you are camping in a hilly area while sometimes you are camping in a plain area. It is said that propane is superior in cold areas, it works efficiently in cold areas while white gas better is for planning exact amounts of fuel to bring which is most important for backpackers or long-term campers. Regarding such cold areas thus propane stove is better to use and cook the food.

In a nutshell, we can say that stoves that are made of indoor usage especially would be a better choice but still, it depends on the user end and his preference.

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