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Why do Fishermen Often Release Fish Back to the Water and Not Take Them?

Many fishermen decide when they land their catch either to keep it or release it. Many times, the decision of keeping or releasing the fish back to water depends on the fish’s species, number, and size. Also, many fishermen and common people want to preserve their memory of catching the fish, so they just have their catch and after capturing a photograph; they release it.

Rules and Regulations for Releasing Certain Fish Species Back in Water

There are many wildlife organizations governed by national agencies in countries across the world that study fish populations in water bodies. Regulations impose the rules on the anglers made by these organizations to release certain species of fish if they catch them. These groups make rules according to the growth or decline of a particular fish species.

Many fish for the sport of it. Being outside on a nice day, near the water hunting for good spots for fish is fun. There are more reasons.

  1. Catch and Release’ Rule for Fish Mortality

Catch and Release’ practice is an effective way of preserving wildlife. Studies have suggested safe techniques for the proper hooking and releasing of fish back into the water. The technique of ‘catch and release’ starts even before hooking of the fish, then comes the proper landing of fish, and then reintroducing of the fish’s headfirst into the water.

  1. Fishermen Preserve the Memory of Their Catch

Many fishermen out in water fish the sea only for fun and enjoyment in their leisure time. They preplan about taking a photograph with their successful catch. Strict measures are required in this prospect if you want to catch it for photographing not for taking home. Make your catch accustomed to your touch while a photographer is capturing your images.

  1. A Technique of Conservation not Extinction

Many fishermen catch fish just to cherish their leisure moments, not to sell or eat them. This is a healthy practice to conserve wildlife because due to human follies, many wildlife including fish species are going to extinct across the globe. Catch and release fish is all about the conservation of fish species in waters.

  1. Caught Something Else Instead of What They Intended

One of the possible reasons why fishermen often release their catch back into waters is that they’ve caught something else instead of what they’ve intended. Deep water-bodies give fishermen a variety of diverse fish species while fishing especially from a boat. It might be the possibility that they’re expecting a tuna or a salmon, and what they got was an eel.

Many fish species are at risk due to human follies. Sometimes, fishermen who intend to not harm the fish by just catching and releasing it back into the water later cause the fish’s death due to the improper hooking strategies. To save the wildlife particularly the fish population, a fisherman must be knowledgeable enough about the techniques of proper hooking, landing, and releasing the fish back into the water. It’s a highly personal decision of an angler to either catch and release or keep it for his hearty dinner.

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