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Where to Buy Firewood for Camping (5 best options)

There are 5 good places to buy firewood for camping so you can make a great campfire. Campground store, woodcutters, convenience store, chop you own, firelogs, and left behind.

Over the years, the selection of the best trees to cut wood depended on several factors, these included, the type of soil and where the trees grew, the acidity and moisture content, the topography of the soil and the prevailing microclimate (wind direction, sun, and shade). Over time, the man soon discovered that certain types of wood burned naturally better than others.


When to Buy Firewood Directly From the Campground?

You will get top quality firewood, which will always be recommended by the most expert campers, although the cost range will vary between 5 and 10 dollars for each bundle you buy. Besides, many times the bundle will have a very large variation with whom you decide to buy, both in weight, size, and price.

If you are thinking of bringing firewood directly from your home, you should keep in mind that many times the campgrounds are prohibited from using firewood from outside the area. This is because they can produce contamination as they are not wood for use in fires and camps.

In addition to contamination, untreated wood that is cut correctly can bring pests and diseases that can affect the environment in which it is found, damaging trees or plants.


Other Alternatives

Since you cannot bring firewood from your own home and buying it at the campground is quite expensive, what other places can provide us with wood?

Local Woodcutters

The first place to look for good, affordable wood is with local lumberjacks in the area, who often sell wood in bulk and keep it in their sheds or wood stores. They will provide good quality wood and get you out of a jam when you need a fire.

Gasoline Stations

Although the price is slightly higher than the above, a petrol station will generally contain local wood for campers, this being a very good source for those who do not wish to go around too much when buying them, although if you want a better price, you can always go looking among several stations to compare prices.

Straight from Mother Nature

Not only is buying firewood useful to have the best quality, but you can also forget about that, being surrounded by trees will provide you with everything you need, even though in most of the campground it is forbidden to extract it from the trees, you can still use the loose firewood that is around you since you are not directly cutting it from the trees.

In the national parks, this restriction is not always imposed, but it is advisable to take wood from trees recently cut down by other people for their use, remembering to stick to the rules and conditions of the area.

Wood Left by Other People

Many times we find that the best way to obtain firewood is the one that other campers have left behind. You can find many times partially burned or completely in good condition, which will no longer have use for those who left them behind but not for those who need these resources.

How Much Does Firewood Normally Cost?

Many people know that firewood from the campground has a relatively high estimated price, although there are many more options of where to get the firewood, this helps to reduce its cost, in this article we will put of example some of the alternative places where firewood can be obtained.

This is a help for campers who want to keep their excursions at a reasonable cost, as well as provide the most convenient and cheapest sites for greater efficiency in their purchase.

Man has been using wood to make fires for over 1.5 million years and when we go camping it is still the main source of fuel that keeps us warm on those cold nights and allows us to cook our favorite camping parties. Over time, man discovered that some woods burned better than others and in this article, we will take a closer look at the best woods to use for your fire.

There are many ways in which you can provide us with an often valuable resource such as firewood, you just have to be resourceful and use what you have around you, and you can also buy it and support the local people who make this work easy for the campers.

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