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5 Bass Fishing Boats You Must Try

While bass boats are normally meant for bass fishing, they can also be useful in catching other types of freshwater fish. There are all sorts of bass fishing boats with various features to suit the needs of different people. This often makes it difficult to pick just the right one that will work for you. Check my Top picks that you can go for.

A decent bass boat will cost you $25k and be worth it. You will get to hotspots quickly and have fun.

Nitro Z21

Nitro is quite a good bass fishing boat designed to offer comfort to the people on board. For starters, there is plenty of space enough to fit four people on the deck. When navigating rough, it’s not unusual for the water to come rushing into the boat and get everything wet. Luckily, this boat features a deck drainage system that does all the work of keeping things dry—anglers like the force flex suspension incorporated into the seats to ensure comfort.

The standard accessories included are a Lawrence fish finder as well as a Minn Kota Maxxum trolling motor. Aside from this, the boat comes with two livewells 19 gallons, each customized with digital anglers. It has a fuel capacity of about 55 gallons. With all these features, this boat easily passes as the best in the market.


Ranger Z175

With a maximum HP of 115, the Ranger Z175 is up to the task. It may not be the biggest bass boat in the market, but it still provides enough room to carry up to four people. So what’s so special about this particular boat? Well, for starters, it consists of a 15-gallon recirculating livewell, which also has an automatic digital timer. There is also the Minn Kota trolling motor powered by a charged battery.

The boat is engineered with comfort in mind with soft ride seats, especially suitable for rough waters. The offset console leaves plenty of room for you to comfortably rest your legs. The fuel capacity is at 23 gallon, which isn’t that bad for people going out on a small outing. Aside from this, many people like the boat because it’s not as pricy as the other models in the market.

Ranger Z520Ci Intracoastal

This Boat can be used to fish in saltwater. It’s basically designed for fishing in both saltwater and freshwater. The Ranger Z520Ci boat consists of a 20’9” length and 95” beam to provide the much-needed stability in waves. The 45-gallon fuel capacity and 200 to 500 maximum horsepower range means that the boat is capable of quite excellent performance.

Since the boat can be used for fishing in saltwater, its hardware is made of stainless steel to resist corrosion. Also, on top of the deck is foam cushioning, which dries quickly. You can also remove it to clean. Other notable features include a Minn Kota trolling motor, recirculating Livewell, Ranger Trail trailer and an insulated cooler.

Bass Cat Puma FTD

If you’re feeling fancy and simply need a premium option, then there you have it. The Puma FTD is one of the best bass- fishing boats you will ever find. You don’t have to go fishing all alone because this boat has a front deck that can accommodate team anglers. It comes with a heavy-duty build that offers stability and good maneuverability in the open waters. Getting your way around tight spaces will not be a challenge anymore with this boat.

There is ample storage comprising seven compartments located on the front deck to keep the fishing equipment and other personal belongings. Another impressive feature is the two triangular live wells to keep the fish alive and fresh as well as ice sheets. It has a maximum horsepower range of 200 to 300, together with a stock engine.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

This is the perfect fishing boat for those people who are on a budget and just want something affordable. The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX doesn’t have the fancy fiberglass hull. Instead, you will have to contend with an aluminum one. But for the price, it’s generally a great option and will definitely do the trick.

In addition, there is enough space for a team consisting of four people. Two people would fit in the cockpit while the other two would be comfortable on the pedestal folding seats. There is also storage on board with six compartments at your display. You might like the fact that the boat features a 21-gallon Livewell for the fish. All in all, it’s a great option that comes at an affordable price but with impressive features and accessories.

Bass Fishing boat cost

The cost of a bass fishing boat depends on the brand. Another thing that will determine the price is the size of the boat, whether it’s new or used, and whether it’s an aluminum or fiberglass model. Fiberglass modes are generally more expensive than the aluminum models.

Prospective buyers will essentially have to pay more money to get a brand new boat. Do not mull over this because there are tons of benefits that come with a new boat. For one thing, you will save on the amount of money you will be using for constant maintenances. Remember, a new boat is less likely to experience problems, and the best part is you get a full warranty. Also, many companies will offer a boat that is fully loaded with all the rigs a buyer needs. If you want a good bass fishing boat with higher horsepower, you have to prepare yourself to part with $25,000 and above.

On the other hand, some people are on the financial constraint side and will have to opt for a used model. Just because the price of a used model is lower doesn’t mean it’s not a good boat. The trick is to buy a secondhand boat that still has about two years warranty left on it. However, beware of what you buy to avoid trouble and frustrations.

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