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9 Best Kayaks You Should Know About(Regular and Inflating)

Traversing high-speed rapids and exploring beautiful lakes that stretch out across the horizon on your kayak is good fun. Grab one and hit the water.


  1. Perception Expression 11.5 Sit Inside Kayak

This is a great beginner’s model for those new to kayaking, with features that offer both safety, maneuverability and stability. Designed for touring purposes yet with enough storage space for an expedition kayak adventure, the handling from the perception expression kayak is an absolute pleasure, and makes it easy even for the complete beginner to get used to traversing above water in a floating plastic device!

The easy entry cockpit is compatible with a spray skirt (a device which keeps out water from your cabin) to ensure that your kayak does not become waterlogged and run the risk of tipping over – a common problem for inexperienced kayakers. The quick adjust footrests and thigh pads allow for optimal control for riders of any size, and the fully adjustable premium seats lets you control seat tilt, seat position as well as seat height – ensuring a fully personalised kayaking experience for everyone.

This robust touring kayak is built for all types of water environments – from recreational laidback kayaking on calm waters, slow moving rivers and streams, coastal waters to the strong currents of the open ocean and surf. This makes it ideal as a long-term investment for beginners as they advance through the levels and gain more experience to tackle tougher, yet more rewarding water bodies.

The one-piece construction provides built-in buoyancy and security with leak-proof high-density polyethylene that is both light and durable. The ample storage space at the front and the rear of the kayak is secured by bungee cord, and features a sealed cover for ultimate waterproof protection from the elements whether you’re going on a morning paddle, or a multi-day expedition. The skeg (a protruding, rudder-like device under your kayak) is fully adjustable via the built in cockpit controls, providing you with maximum control of your paddling during especially windy days and rough currents.


  1. Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak

If you’re looking for a 2-seater kayak that provides ease of transport, strong durability and easy storage – look no further. The Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak is as its name suggests – an inflatable kayak that offers every inch of security that a regular plastic polyethylene constructed kayak does, on top of giving you an option for deflating it for easy storage (especially in those cold winter months where kayaking may be as enjoyable on frozen water bodies!)

It is made out of super tough 3-ply laminate PVC and features a polyester core – making it highly resistant to knocks, impact damage, salt waiter, oil, abrasions and exposure to sunlight’s strong UV rays. Because the material that is used to build this inflatable kayak is so strong, this inflatable kayak comes in at 39lbs when fully inflated – a tad bit heavier than a regular one-piece constructed kayak but hey – with the option to deflate and store or transport it much easier than a regular kayak – we’re not complaining! The high pressure spring loaded valves make for easy, rigid and stable inflation with the included high-output pump, and quick deflation when you need to store it away or transport it.

The Kayak itself holds up to 400lbs (180 kg), which is definitely enough for 2 average sized people, and the ample storage space in the bow and stern features stainless steel D-rings that allow you to tie down your dry bags and gear that are essential to your kayaking adventures. The seats and backrests are fully adjustable and removable – so you have an option to travel with a partner, or go solo on your expedition. Apart from the inbuilt fishing rod holders (for the fishing enthusiasts reading this), there are 2 removable skegs included in every purchase, one for shallow and the other for deep water, allowing for complete control of your paddling in any aquatic environment.

There are also options to mount additional accessories such as GPS systems and fish finders thanks to the removable and adjustable mounting bracket attached to the front of your seat.


  1. Intex Challenger Kayak Series

I own on of these and love it, deflates to small size, inflates in 15 min.

The Intex Challenger Kayak series is nimble, durable and a perfect inflatable kayak that comes in both one person and two person options. Constructed out of durable welded material, the heavy duty puncture-resistant vinyl that makes up this kayak is finished with attractive and eye-catching designs that also add visibility and safety in case of emergency when you’re out alone on the water. 2 separate air chambers gives you that added peace of mind knowing that you’ll at least still have a floating device in the unlikely event that one side suffers a leak.

The solo kayak option measures up at an overall length of 9ft by 2ft 6in wide and holds up to 220lbs while the two person kayak is 11ft 6in long by 2ft 6in wide, and holds up to 400lbs comfortably. The seats are fully adjustable, making for a complete personalised kayaking experience while the removable skegs ensure complete stability when paddling in rough currents or on those especially windy days out on the water.

The storage option at the front of the kayak is secured via a cargo net, and a grab line is featured on both the front and rear of the kayak for optimal accessibility to your gear, and the included carry bag keeps your items dry when you’re out kayaking.

An inflatable I-beam floor provides maximum rigidity and helps you glide along the water smoothly as you paddle, and high-quality boston valves ensure quick inflation and deflation whenever you need it.


  1. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

This one’s for those who enjoy a nice day out in the calm waters of the lake. Originally built for fishing enthusiasts, this kayak is made out of strong, UV-protected high density Polyethylene for maximum security and the flat bottom ensures stability for all your kayaking adventures.

The footrest positions are fully adjustable for riders of different sizes, and the adjustable built in padded backrest and seat pad promises comfort all day long. The front and rear shock cord straps absorb shock, and ensure that your kayak does not tip over at the slightest impact with choppy water or any rocks that you might bump into.

There are two storage compartments in the rear and the center of this kayak, both measuring at a roomy 6” to store possibly anything you need for your kayaking adventure. For the fans of fishing – the two flush mounted fishing rod holders on top of a single top mount fishing rod holder should seal the deal beautifully. An all rounder kayak that you can trust to take with on your waterborne adventures.


  1. Pelican Sit-in Kayak Argo 100X

Trusted since 1974, The Pelican brand has seen and done it all when it comes to water-based activities. From waterproof coolers to airtight equipment storage solutions, there’s no question about the quality of the products from the brand, and this Pelican Sit-in Kayak is no different.

Weighing in at only 36lbs, the Argo-100X is incredibly lightweight, and a breeze to transport if you have to lug it around to and from the water. It is built using Pelican’s Twin Arched Multi Chine Hull system which provides ample cockpit space that makes getting and out of the kayak surprisingly easy, while providing excellent stability in the water. User reviews on Amazon have mentioned that this kayak simply glides across the water, making your paddling more efficient and helping you conserve energy if you’re planning a prolonged kayaking adventure. There are adjustable footrests and a fully adjustable Ergoform backrest that includes a seat cushion for complete comfort. A built in drain plug effectively solves the problem of waterlogged cabins – a common problem that may lead to kayaks tipping over when out on the water, which is definitely not an ideal situation if you’re on a solo adventure!

A roomy front storage hatch is secured via bungee cord, and a rear storage tank with a mesh cover gives you ample storage solutions to store your necessary gear. A cockpit table with a bottle holder and other convenient compartments let you enjoy a snack and drink of water while in the middle of your adventure – and if you get really thirsty, a second bottle holder is built into the seat to ensure you stay fully hydrated.


6. Pelican 10 ft BOUNTY 100X ANGLER Fishing Kayak

7. Heritage Angler 10 SI 10 ft Sit-In Angler Kayak

8. Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak

9. Sea Eagle RazorLite 393rl Pro Solo Inflatable Kayak Package

Beginner models.

Prices of various models.

Why choose a good kayak?

A kayak is a great investment if you’re keen on both recreational and extreme water sports, and choosing a good quality kayak is essential to your enjoyment and more importantly – your safety. The kayak itself is used in all sorts of situations – from fishing, touring and expeditions out in the open ocean to recreational pleasure kayaking on calm waters and lakes while taking in the gorgeous views around you.

The biggest benefit of choosing the best kayak is that you ensure that you get the most out of your purchase – one that gives you stability, comfort and fun, whether you prefer a laid-back lake kayak paddle in the summertime or an adrenaline fueled whitewater adventure.

Which kayak is best for me?

There are so many different types of kayaks in all kinds of shapes, sizes and specifications and while most kayaks are meant to be operated solo, there are some that are built for two as well. It is recommended that you establish what features you want in a kayak before looking for one – this is especially important for beginners to the sport as kayaking can be a dangerous activity if not treated with care. The key aspects that a beginner kayaker should be looking out for in kayaks should always be safety, durability and affordability – in that particular order.

If you’re an experienced kayaker who is looking to upgrade to a new kayak with better specs, there are hundreds of intermediate to professional level kayaks out there, both online and in stores with some really high-tech construction methods and technical specifications, so the choices might be a little overwhelming at first. Take your time looking through each one and slowly narrow down what they can offer to your kayaking experience, because at this level – the investment is going to be pretty hefty.

If you’re a beginner in the world of kayaks, the endless options of kayaks available on the market today may seem a bit daunting and you find it hard to actually decide on one. Based on the list above, take your time to look through the options available and pick the ones that are right in your price range. We recommend that beginner kayaks should focus on stability and balance – none of the other fancy features actually matter when you’re still learning the ropes. Once you gain more experience, you’ll start to establish your own style of kayaking and understand which options suit your style the best – whether you choose to stay on flat, calm waters or go all out adrenaline-junkie style on the whitewater rapids.

Durability is also a factor to consider when choosing a kayak. If you’re planning to invest in this activity for the long-term, remember to choose a kayak that is made with quality materials, and one that can last many seasons.


Are you planning to go Kayaking in the Whitewaters, River, Lake, or the Sea?

For rivers & lakes, you can get a basic sit-on-top-kayak if you’re only going to encounter still waters.

For Sea, you need a long touring Kayak that has pointed ends and is longer than the other Kayaks. For Whitewater Kayaking, you need a Kayak equipped to endure the challenges the site has. In Whitewater Kayaking, each site has a grade ranging from I to VI.

A Range VI Kayak is usable for a Grade III site. It’s not possible the other way around.

Also, sites above Grade III are usually quite challenging and advisable only for Pro Kayakers. So pick the right Kayak. If you don’t have the suitable Kayak for the trip you’re planning, rent one, but don’t take a chance with the wrong Kayak. Also, for Whitewater Kayaking, it’s advised to wear wetsuits or clothes made of water-resistant material as you’ll be getting drenched all the time.



People do Kayaking for different purposes. If you’re Kayaking to sightsee, you don’t need anything other than the basics. But if your trip as other elements to it like fishing, diving, etc., then you’ll need the right equipment.

For fishing Kayaks, you’ll need rod holders and storage space to secure the catch. If you’re going fishing, you should carry an anchor too so that you can work a fishing spot while the Kayak remains still. For diving Kayaks, you’ll need clips to clamp the diving gear to the Kayak so that you put it on inside water. And straps to secure the equipment in the Kayak in case you flip.

Even the paddles you pick depend on the kind of Kayak you’re using and where you’re Kayaking. For Whitewater Kayaking, you’ll need shorter paddles so that you can make quick strokes to maneuver the boat. For Sea Kayaking, you’ll need longer paddles that’ll help you cover more distance with lesser strokes.

There is a chance of the paddle breaking in the middle of a trip, so it’s advisable to carry an extra one. The store personnel can help you pick the right one after getting to know what Kayak you own and where you usually go Kayaking.

Stick to one kind of paddle for as long as possible as muscle memory is hard to change, and you’ll difficulties using the new one. Go for a lighter paddle even if the price is considerably higher instead of the heavy ones. Lightweight paddles enhance your Kayaking experience and help you cover more distance without getting exhausted or putting unnecessary strain on your arms and shoulders.

If you’re planning to go Kayaking in the dark, your Kayak should have lights, and you should be carrying flares as well. To call for rescue, you should be able to see, as well as be seen. There are waterproof headlamps available in the market with suction that get attached to the Kayak without any hassles. You can also put a reflective tape in your Kayak that’ll help the other boaters see you in the dark.


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