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Ways to Camp Without a Tent (6 ideas)

Most people think that tentless is a crazy idea.

There are many ways to go camping without a tent:

  • RV

  • build own shelter

  • tarp

  • netting

  • hammock

  • sleeping bag cowboy style


But nature lovers that enjoy camping know that it is possible to create the same comfort without implying the actual tent. Whether you choose a campervan or start improvising with the things you have around, a great camping experience is achievable.

  1. Campervans

Consider all the options and make a scheme for all of them. If you decide to enjoy the camping trip in the comfort of a campervan, then think about the budget. How much does it cost to rent or buy one? If you already own one, then you don’t have to worry that much about the costs. Just make sure it’s in the best shape before leaving, to avoid unexpected problems. So fill your tank, fill your fridge, check and take the wheels.

  1. Sleeping bags

Another great alternative for tents is the sleeping bag. The type that covers the entire body and is large enough to take a good night’s sleep. Make sure you get the measurements right; you still want to breathe properly and feel comfortable. Many camping oriented stores have these sleeping bags in stock, so take your time to find yours.

  1. Go camping in a friendly place

Camping is more exciting when there is unknown awaiting for you. However, if you’re a beginner that just wants to enjoy the fresh air, try to find a suitable camping area. Avoid at all costs places that are known for poisonous snakes and spiders, bears, or other wild animals. Better be safe, than sorry.

Now, supposing you wanted to sleep, but had no rv and no sleeping bag, what would you do?

  • Look for a place where there’s no threat

You have to find some safe areas, preferable with fewer tree crowning, to have better sight. It’s a must to have a flashlight with you. With no tent or alternative for one at hand means you are more exposed to the unpredictable, so finding a good place to spend the night is key.

If you don’t have the minimum for bedding in your backpack, gather some leaves while searching for a place to sleep.

  • If you found one, prepare your bedding with whatever you have

So, you’ve found the perfect place. But you still cannot sleep without the least of comfort. Directly on the ground is not the ideal option. Try at least to cover a portion with the leaves you’ve gathered.

As a safety measure, try covering your head with your hoodie or a hat, if you have any. Your ears and your mouth are especially exposed when sleeping, and the current conditions are not favorable, with so many insects around.

  1. Use a hammock

A well-setup hammock under the clear night sky might be a good alternative for a tent. Make sure you buy a solid one and make yourself at home in a safe place.

  1. Build a shelter with big stones or branches and leaves

Imagine a pile of books on which you put other stuff. Now visualize a shelter made of stones or branches, whatever you find, and try to make a bed with them. Choose them carefully, so as not to hurt any part of your body. Sleeping positions are unpredictable, and an accident while sleeping can be avoided or reduced to the minimum.

  1. Be creative, your tools are there

Nature has provided us with everything we need to survive, come rain or shine. So, take a look around: can you spot any fallen tree that could easily be fixed into the ground? Is there any chance to find more of these and build a little cabin? If the answer is yes, then start gathering the trees and group them. You will need some skills and patience for this, so prepare yourself in advance.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So make your way to camping without a tent. As nice as spontaneity might be, taking some safety measures before camping without a tent won’t cause any harm. It will actually only help you enjoy your adventure more. All you have to do is take care of yourself.

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