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Camping Pillow Alternatives (11 Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of)

You’ve spent an entire day outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, and now it’s time to sleep.

Here is list of camping pillow alternative:

  1. A regular pillow

Supposing you thought about the risk of not having a camping pillow, you’ve probably already packed a regular one, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just take that pillow and enjoy your sleep.

  1. Use your camping backpack

Take your backpack and take out the stuff that could cause any harm while sleeping. Before you let the backpack come into contact with your hair or face, try to clean it a little bit. Brush it a little, but don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t encounter problems during your sleep.

  1. Use a hat, socks or a scarf

Any type of hats should work just fine. Choose the comfy part and sleep on it.

Some socks or a scarf should help too. If you have more pairs, combine them all and make a big ball. The result will probably not resemble the ideal pillow, but it’s still something.

  1. Use your arm

If you don’t have anything to create an alternative camping pillow, try to adjust your position. Sleeping on your stomach or in a fetal position should get you through the night without a pillow. Might take a while to get used to it, but you’ll fall asleep without noticing the discomfort.

  1. Take some of your clothes off

If you are used to sleeping naked or with very few clothes, you could take them off and create a pillow. Think about your resistance to heat or cold, and undress accordingly.If you didn’t bring a pillow at all, don’t worry. You can still create a comfortable pillow with what you have. Take a hoodie or a sweater or any other piece of clothing that you have with you and you’re not wearing. Wrap it up until its size fits your regular pillow size. It shouldn’t take too long. Now that you have your pillow, you can peacefully fall asleep.

  1. Ask for help

Unless you went camping alone, asking for a helping hand isn’t something to feel ashamed of. You are probably with close people who are willing to help you. So go for it.

  1. Look carefully at the design of your tent

Your tent might be designed in such a way that it has softer parts in some places than in others. Identify them and place your head there.

  1. Use a towel

It doesn’t matter if it’s perfectly dry or not. You could shape it a little and put it in a bag as well.

  1. Use toilet paper

Surely you have a healthy amount of toilet paper with you, so sacrifice some of it to create your pillow for the night. Just tear some strips as if you were really annoyed and make a huge ball. You might need to put it in a bag if you want to keep it compact.

  1. Take a shovel and a bag

Try finding some areas with soft soil. Take your shovel and dig just enough to fill your bag. If the soil is dry or feels rough, try pressing it until you feel the difference. Now place the bag under your head and try to sleep.

  1. Take a plastic bag and gather leaves

Leaves are very useful when it comes to building a shelter or other components of one.

So fill a plastic bag with as many as possible. After you’ve finished, tie up your plastic bag, so your leaves don’t fall unexpectedly. You should be ready to sleep.

There are camping pillows alternatives, but you have to figure out which of them works best for you. Indeed, none of these alternatives will completely provide the coziness of your home, but they are good enough to assure a peaceful sleep during camping. After all, that is the beauty of camping: escaping the ordinary, so enjoy your current state, your resources, and your ways to multiply them without needing additional things.

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