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Are Instant Tents Good?

Instant tents are the tents which are built quickly without any hardship.

Instant tents are good because they are easy to install and saves a lot of time. Advantages of instant tents are:

  1. They are shown to be best for the solo campers as it does not require any labor. It makes setup easy.
  2. If you are a traveler who wants to change your campsite frequently then instant tents should be your best choice.
  3. It is kid-friendly as it can be very good for backyard camping. They are so easy even a child can setup.

Disadvantages of instant tents-

  1. They are bulky to carry because they contain pre-attached poles in it
  2. Difficult to fold after camping.
  3. Cannot be compartmentalized.
  4. Need more working during bad weather conditions. Waterproofing must be done during the rainy condition.
  5. They are not suitable for backpacking due to their weight.


Weather conditions suitable for instant tents-

There are instant tents for different weather conditions. Such as-

  1. One- two-season tents- These are only appropriate for two months of summer. They are not suitable for rainy or winter seasons.
  2. Three seasoned tents- They are suitable for light rainfall and a little bit cooler temperature. They are most suitable for summer and light snowfall and the windy season.
  3. Four and five seasoned tents- These are the most suitable tents for any weather conditions. They can tolerate extreme weather conditions because they are made up of sturdy material.

The durability of instant tents-

They are not so durable because they contain preassembled poles that are difficult to pack again and can tear the tent material.

They are different from the regular tent because the tents and poles are packed differently in the regular tent hence increases the durability of the tents. The poles of instant tents can be bent during packaging which decreases the durability of instant tents.



Cost of Instant tents-

The cost of instant tents depends upon the size and characteristics of the tent. Bigger the tent more will be its cost.

Types of instant tents-

There are two types of instant tents;

  1. Instant cabin tents-
  • They are large and do not let the air pass which makes them less stable.
  • They have a flat roof which also makes them less suitable for camping.
  • They have large windows which make them comfortable but due to this it cannot prevent cold weather but is great for warm weather.
  1. Instant dome tents-
  • They let the air pass which makes them more stable.
  1. They have a dome-shaped roof which makes them good for high snowfall.

How to install instant camps?

The instant camps are easy to install as they contain preassembled accessories with it. The poles are attached to it and cannot be removed from the tents. It keeps arising until it locks in its position. It takes a few minutes to install.

If you want to take the instant tent down then you just have to reverse the process. They are different from regular tents.

How regular tents differ from instant tents?

  • Regular tents are the tents which are to be installed. The accessories have to be installed separately and are not pre-attached to the tent.
  • It is a time-consuming and laborious task as one cannot install it alone. It needs more people to install it.
  • They are more durable than instant tents.
  • Can be folded in small areas.
  • Cannot be moved from one place to another.
  • They are not easy to carry.


They contain all the accessory of tent pre-attached you just have to anchor them in the ground.

Instant tents are equally suitable for camping. Instant tents are easy to install and are suitable for every season. They are durable as well as they are efficient. The instant tents are less laborious as they did not need more people to install it. They are cost worthy and can be move from one place to another.

Hence it can be said that they are good for camping and better than regular tents. Because the regular tents are not easy to carry and cannot carry in a backpack.

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