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How Long Does It Take to Hike the Appalachian Trail?


The Appalachian Trail is approximately about 2000 miles in size and is considered the world’s longest hiking trail.


You might be wondering how long would it take you to hike the Appalachian Trail. A thru-hiker of this mountain typically takes six months. However, some speedsters have finished it in less than 50 days. To do this, you need to have a lot of endurance and plan strategic activities that will make your journey in the mountain faster than the average.


The average pace of hiker attempting to finish the Appalachian Trail is three miles an hour. This pace might be slower in the beginning since hikers are still trying to have their momentum. Later on, after getting enough confidence and determination to finish the trail, they speed up a little and level up their hiking game.



Plan your strategies carefully.

In taking up the challenge to conquer the Appalachian Trail, you need to exert effort in the planning process. Prepare yourself for long walks and make sure that you are ready for eventualities that might occur in the mountain. Also, you have to leave the trail with no traces. Minimize your impact, clean your trash, and respect wildlife.


Strategize your routes and familiarize yourself with the directions through plotting spots on a map. Aside from this, you need to wear proper attire. Select clothing that will best accompany you in the temperature of the weather.


This mountain also has trail downtown cities and towns. You can resupply your food and other basic needs by mailing a package and deliver it to the nearest village of your stop-over. With this, you have more supplies that you will still need for the journey ahead. If you are carrying too much, you can also choose to mail back anything you have no use for the rest of the trip.





While you might have planned to bring your tent already, the Appachalian Trail provides 250 backcountry shelters located along the trail for backpackers. However, occupying these is a first-served basis. What’s good about obtaining one is that you do not have to set-up your tent, which will minimize your impact on the mountain’s environment.


Don’t overpack

Hiking to the Appalachian Trail will require you to prepare various essentials like shelter, water, food, and clothes. They are already heavy enough for you to carry at your back, so make sure that you do not add anything unnecessary for the trip. You can do alternatives like mailing a package to the nearest town or city and get it from there to resupply your needs.


Remember not to carry too much stuff and contemplate carefully to know what is necessary and what is not.



Permits and Regulations

Knowing that it is the world’s longest trail, you might be wondering how do you get the chance to attempt hiking it and get acknowledgment. Access to the mountain imposes no fees or paid permits if you are just there to walk. However, some campsites ask for charges, and you must obtain permission for backcountry camping in the two national parks in the Appachalian trail.


How to get recognized after a hike

After finishing the entire Appachalian Trail route, hikers can file a 2000-miler application to the A.T. organization. Those who submit this file will be added to the roster of 2000-milers and will receive a certificate. However, before this could be approved, hikers need to abide by the recognition policy. It includes treating the natural environment, communities, other hikers, and A.T. agency with kindness, respect, and cooperation.


The agency will also give equal recognition to section hikers and thru-hikers. Besides, they will acknowledge attempters regardless of their routes, speed, and whether they carried a backpack or not.



Every year, many hikers attempt to finish this and get recognition for doing so. Adventure-seekers include this in their bucket list and aim to cross it out. However, the journey to complete the world’s longest trail is not simple.



Finishing the Appachalian Trail might be the most prominent achievement that any hiker could have. It is the world’s longest trail that adventurers wish to cross out in their bucket list. If you are one of them, remember to follow the reminders above and abide by the Appachalian Trails’ agency’s policy.


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