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What does it mean to be a backpacker?

Traveling is one of the goals of many people. People are naturally inclined to wander around the world to witness the beauty of different places.

Backpackers are people who travel from one place to another with their essentials in a backpack. They do not usually spend a lot of money on their journey and stays in cheap places.

Backpacking is an adventuresome style of living. It is ideal for people who are interested in discovering new places, activities, culture, tradition, and people on a limited budget. It is an exceptional way to experience a whole different system. If you are into this kind of thing, then you might want to be a backpacker as well.

However, to be a backpacker, you need to develop traits that embody their essence. Before you start your journey, you need to check on yourself and see if you are ready to start this new adventure.


A Must-Characteristics of a backpacker


A backpacker needs to be independent. Although you can do backpacking with a partner, it is not the same as doing it by yourself. You can try, for once, to travel by yourself to see what you can do in situations when you are alone. It is often done by people who are trying to discover themselves by testing their limitations in estranged places. With this, you allow yourself to know who you are and what you can do.


As a backpacker, you need to be ready for your trips. The first thing you need to do is to research information about the place you chose. Planning your journey will guide you every step of the way. Strategize your travel routes and destination in a way that you can save money and time.

Aside from this, you have to be smart in packing your stuff as well. You have to design it in a way that you have everything you need, and yet you still have space and reduced the weight of your backpack. Make sure that you bring necessities only.

Solid endurance

A backpacker’s journey is not always smooth. A backpacker might face hardships and challenges like long travel hours, bad weather, unpleasant locals, and others. The bottom line is, it is going to be thrilling and tiring at the same time. If you want to be a backpacker, you need a solid foundation to endure those things. Do not give up easily and finish your planned trip.

If you think you have what it takes to be a backpacker, then you can start planning your trips already! Here are some tips you might need to consider in your adventure:

Bring a journal

When traveling, you will encounter different types of people and cultures. With this, you will hear and witness various stories that will last as wonderful memories in your journey. Bringing a journal will help you remember those treasures. Write your encounters every day and collect more stories from different places.


Start planning for your trips and be willing to take some risks. Deciding whether to go for your planned trips or not is what it takes to be a risk-taker. You also have to learn to take care of yourself. Book your place, seek information, and sort out your meal and means of transportation.

Purchase a local sim card

If you stay in a different country, it is more practical to buy a local sim that changing your number to a roaming one. With this, it is cheaper, and you can save your money for other expenses.

Look out for cheap admissions

Culture-rich places often have free or cheap admissions to galleries, museums, amusement parks, and libraries. You are highly encouraged to take advantage of it so you can know more about their stories and history. It is also an avenue for you to entertain yourself in your stay there.

Becoming a backpacker requires a lot of courage to do. It is no simple task to travel from places to places whether in roads or vehicles. But once you become one, you will undoubtedly enjoy your journey as you discover and experience new cultures of people.

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