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3 Best Bear Proof Coolers to Keep Food Cool and Safe

Camping out in the wilds is one of the most thrilling activities for adventurers out there.


For your perishables, you will need a cooler that will provide you the highest quality to prevent anything negative to happen. With this, you might be looking for some bear-proof coolers.


Encounters with bears while camping out in the wilds are inevitable. Since your cooler is the storage for food and drinks, you will need a bear-proof one. It is unavoidable for bears to be curious about what’s inside your cooler. For instance, they might want to look and get whatever they find inside, which is why you need a bear-resistant cooler.


To pick the best bear-proof coolers, you need to consider their features. Here are some of the qualities you need to look at before purchasing the product:


Long Ice Retention

Encampment often takes a long time. It may take at least 3 days or a week to finish. With this, you will need storage for your perishables, which can manage to make ice last. It must have insulation that is 2-3 inches thick, which must be throughout the entire body of the cooler. It also must include freezer-grade gaskets, elevated rubber bottom to block heat transfer, and has a brighter color to prevent absorbing heat. Bear canisters.



A bear-proof cooler is a need when camping out. With this, it must be lockable with a padlock so it will be secure from any wild animals. It also must have a rotomolded construction, which certifies its durability and reliability as a bear-proof cooler.


Large space

Since most camping trips last for a week, you need to pack a lot of food for survival. With this, having a cooler with a large space would help you. You can prepare both food and drinks while placing ice to keep your perishables fresh.


These are just some of the vital features you need to consider if you are going to buy a bear-proof cooler. However, if you are looking for the brands that offer these qualities, here are some list for your reference:


YETI Tundra

YETI Tundra is one of the best-known manufacturers of cooler in the market. They provide you with the best product with exceptional performance and variety. It is considered a premium brand, which can assure you that their coolers are certified high-quality material. Their coolers are tested by millions of users already.

YETI Tundra coolers offer a wide range of handy accessories like seat cushions, dividers, and bear-proof locks. They are considered the most durable in the market because of its rotomolded constructions, IGBC bear certification, military-grade rope handles, and others. Also, they have a variety of products, which gives you tons of options.


Outsunny Rotomolded Camping Cooler

Outsunny Rotomolded Camping Cooler is also considered a premium quality product. It has over 64 quarts of storage to satisfy your long week camping trip with food and drink to consume. Also, it has a 2-inch think insulation, which passed the mentioned feature earlier. Since its core is rotomolded, you do not have to worry about a grizzly bear that wants to take a look at what’s inside your cooler.

Overall, it has a sufficient capacity to fulfill your requirements for a bear-proof cooler.


Coleman Cooler

Coleman cooler is tested to be one of the best bear-proof coolers for outdoor activities. It comes with the aesthetics you might just need, giving you a retro vibe with its structure. Meanwhile, it has over 54 quarts for your food and drinks storage. It can contain your perishables up to four days and can keep the temperature of the ice efficiently.

Moreover, this cooler is considered top-notch for its rust-resistant hardware, which consists of stainless steel. Overall, it is lined among the top-performing bear-proof coolers that are highly recommended for adventurers.

RovR Wheeled Camping Cooler

ROVR impressed many users with its abundance in features. It has 9-inch all-terrain tires with 5-spoke aluminum hubs. With this, you do not have to worry walking on difficult paths when camping out in the wild. You can also attach this cooler to your bike with its BikR kit,


Moreover, just like the other premium product, ROVR coolers are also rotomolded, and IGBC certified, with 10 days of ice retention. That is impressively enough to satisfy your encampment experience.


Engaging in this kind of pursuit would require preparations to survive the nights of your stay there. It includes your camping suits, backpacks, grilling equipment, tent, and food and drinks storage.


Looking for the best bear-proof coolers out there is simple. You only need to consider essential features that will make them stand out from the other brand. With this, you might refer to the list given if you will purchase one for your camping trip. Using any of those products, you can have a worry-free adventure as you sustain your food and drinks in a high-quality bear-proof cooler.

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