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How much does it cost to start backpacking?

Nowadays, you have a lot of options to fit your budget and customize the equipment you need for it.

For a beginner, you might spend an average of $1000 to $5000 to completely prepare your backpacking gears for your journey.



What are the things I need to prepare for backpacking?

If you will start purchasing materials you need for backpacking, you may refer to the list below as a guide.


One of the possibilities in your backpacking journey is to spend the night outside. It usually takes place in the mountains or forests where you chose to hike. With this, you need a shelter system to protect you during the nights from harmful elements.

You have to prepare a sleeping bag that matches the temperature of your chosen place. You also need to buy a sleeping pad, either foam or inflatable. It will insulate you from the cold ground where you positioned yourself. A tent is also a must since it will be your mini-home, especially in the mountains.


Food is the most awaited part of a backpacking trip. To ensure that you enjoy that time of the trip, you need to have the right cooking equipment before going to the mountains. If you are in a low-temperature place, a stove would help you to cook hot meals or hot drinks. You also need to purchase other kitchen materials like pots, pans and bowls to cook food easier.

Also, it is necessary to bring a mug and water bottles for hot drinks and hydration. Lastly, prepare a set of spoon and fork to eat your food conveniently.


Choosing a packing system is vital to this part. It is what allows you to carry your gear and equipment to mountains or other places you will go to for your journey. You can choose from backpacks, stuff sacks, and pack liner/ rain cover. Regardless of what you choose, they will keep your gear organized.


The necessities mentioned above are the basic ones. However, there are other accessories you might need for your backpacking trips. It includes a map, compass, lighter, first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, mosquito head net, portable lamps, and others. These are some of the things you might consider to add in your packing.

Spending on backpacking trips can be costly, especially if you are just about to start your new adventure. However, you can reduce your expenses by choosing low-end products instead of high end. Aside from this, there are things you can do to complete your gear cheaply without compromising the quality.


You can take advantage of sales. Capitalize these moments to complete your gear list. They are often offered during the end of summer and winter seasons. With this, you can save money and use if for the actual trip instead.

Discount from Websites

There are online outlets that give discounts for backpacking gears. REI Outlet and Steap and Cheap are some of the websites you can check out for lesser prices. They both offer limited-time deals so you need to hurry up and look for the gears you need. Purchase it before it goes back to its original price.

Second Hand

Consider buying used items. Other backpackers might want to upgrade their gears by selling their current ones. You can take advantage of this situation by buying from them. You can have high-end material but pay lesser than the original price. Try craigslist or ebay.

It takes a lot of preparation to begin your backpacking trips. You need to plan and prepare for your shelter, food, equipment, clothes, and others to ensure the smoothness of your travel experience.

Backpacking is a way for adventurers to travel from one place to another at a cheap price. However, as a starter, it may not be the same for you. You need to invest in a lot of things before you can start your journey as a backpacker.

Budgeting for your backpacking pursuits depends on the type of gears you want to purchase.

Backpacking is a thrilling adventure. Every person might want to try this avenue to discover more in life. However, before you could enjoy cheaper trips, you need to invest at the start of your journey. At first, it will be costly. But as you travel more, you will enjoy the perks of your gears and have cheaper trips.

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