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How to avoid a Mountain Lion Attack (7 Ways to Save Your Life)

If you are wondering how to avoid a Mountain Lion Attack, then do these: do not hike alone, do not run, avoid dead animals, leave kittens alone, make noise, stand tall, do not turn back, and do not bring dog.


Camping in the wilds come with risks that you might encounter. One of these is a mountain lion attack. While this encounter is rare nowadays, it is still necessary to have precautionary measures, especially if you are outdoor enthusiasts who always go to mountains or forests.

Mountain lion populations are increasing in some areas. Thus, becoming a threat for adventurers because these big cats are unpredictable just like any wild animals. They could weigh up to 210 pounds, which is more than the average weight of a hiker. With this, you need to consider your safety if you will pursue an activity in the wilds.

Encounters with lions on an outdoor trip is unlikely to happen. Hikers rarely see them because they are more active in the dawn. However, although it is unusual, there are still small chances that you might face one. And when that happens, you need to know what to do so you can prevent an attack, or worse, a casualty.


Never hike alone

Hiking with a partner or group of people decreases the chance of mountain lion attacks. It is never a good idea to do outdoor activities alone, much more going in the wilds. In this way, if an animal gets curious, you seem larger because there are two or more of you. It will prevent them from getting near you because they are also cautious about their actions.

Leave areas with cougar kittens.

If you come across a place with small cougar kittens, leave the area immediately. Just like any other parent, if a mountain lion sees you near its children, they will defend it aggressively. It is better to evacuate the area as early as possible while there is still no presence of the big cat.

Yell, scream, make yourself look bigger

If you spot a mountain lion near you, there is a strong possibility that they are stalking you. When you are in this situation, yell and scream as loud as you can. Make yourself look bigger by raising your arms. With this, you will induce fear to the mountain lion, which will prevent it from approaching you.

Do not run

The first rule when you encounter a hard situation is to remain calm. Any unnecessary movement might make your condition harder, which could risk your life. When a mountain lion continues to approach, do not think of running away from it. If you run, it can trigger their instincts and can attack you. Do not panic. Instead, look them in the eye to prove that you are also onto him. If the wild animal senses that you are fearless, they will be more cautious and preventive.

Certainly not turn your back

You never know when it will attack you. It is why never turn your back. Also, if you are with children, it is best to place them in front of the middle of your group so you can avoid them from any surprise mountain lion attack. Keep the kids attended and never lose sight of them. If you think that it is a high-risk trip, suggested that you come with adults. Leave your kids at home with a baby sitter.

Do not bring dogs

Dogs can highly attract or invite a cougar attack. If they encounter each other, it will trigger a battle between them. It is best to leave your dogs at home as well. Your dog will lose unless you have a pitbull.

Avoid areas with fresh-killed animals

Cougars usually stash killed animals to eat later and will defend their meal from other predators. With this, do not stick around in the area for too long. Those places are probably a territory of a mountain lion, and if they find you there, they might get sensitive and protective. Leave for your own sake.

Fight back

At any chance, a mountain lion charges at you, fight with all your might. They withdraw from formidable prey. Also, consider bringing pepper spray and a licensed gun. For instance, if the wild animal attacks you risking your life, you can shoot and kill them for self-defense.

Camping and hiking in the wilds come with risks that you may encounter. Encountering a mountain lion is of them. With this, you need to be more careful and smart in your actions when you reach that situation. Refer to the list above, and save yourself from an unpleasant outdoor trip.

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