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Roll or stuff a sleeping bag? Which way is better

Sleeping bags are one of the most important accessories for camping. They prevent you from cold and winds.

The packing of the sleeping bag must be done by stuffing not by rolling because rolling of the sleeping bag results in the breaking of the foam inside the bag and also need more space whereas the stuffing saves the material from breaking and maximize the space of the backpack. The rolling of the sleeping bag can be done if you travel in a car but is not appropriate for carrying a backpack.

As we bring sleeping bags with us on camping we should know how to pack it. Because sometimes packing a sleeping bag become a tedious task. To avoid this most of the campers don’t carry a sleeping bag but they used blankets, sleeping bags liners as an alternative. But if you want to carry a sleeping bag you should know how to pack it.

  • sleeping bags are necessary for camping?

Sleeping bags are not so much necessary for camping as their alternatives can be used. The newbie campers generally do not carry any sleeping bag. They use their blanket, mattress, etc for sleeping because the alternatives to sleeping bags need less space and can be used for sleeping.

  • Alternatives to sleeping bags-

There are many alternatives for sleeping bag as they required less space-

    1. Blanket- can be used for sleeping. They are easy to carry and need less space.
    2. Warm clothes- are a very good alternative for sleeping bags in winter. Warm clothes like jackets, thermal inner are used for sleeping.

The cheapest option for sleeping bags-

    1. Rental sleeping bags- they are cheaper than buying new sleeping bags as they can be used similarly.
    2. Or can be borrowed from a friend.


For packing a sleeping bag one thing should be taken into consideration that which techniques take less space and will be a good choice for packing a sleeping bag because the less space it takes more the other essential item can be added to the camping bag.

  1. Techniques for rolling sleeping bags-

Sleeping bags can be packed simply by rolling. The rolling of the sleeping bag can be done by following steps-

a) Lay down the sleeping bag in the flat floor- The bag is laid down in the dry floor and flattened to remove any remaining air.

b) Zip the bag and remove air from the top- The bag should be zipped before rolling because unzipped bags can nee more space. After zipping the bag the remaining air should be removed from the head part of the bag.

c) Fold the sleeping bag from one side along the width and make it half- Before rolling the bag must be folded into half which makes it easier to fit inside its bag.

d) Start rolling the bag from the bottom tightly and push it hard to remove the air left- The rolling of the bag must be started from the bottom. The rolling of the bag must be tighter to make it small in size.

e) Roll the bag and tie it with belt- After rolling the bag tightly press it with knees and tie it with the belt.

f) Put the bag in a bag to prevent it from water.

But rolling a sleeping bag takes more tedious because:

      1. Rolling required a large floor.
      2. Rolling does not let the bags to completely compressed so take more space.

So rolling in itself is not a good technique for the packing of the sleeping bag.

  1. Techniques for stuffing sleeping bags-

Stuffing a sleeping bag is easier than rolling. The stuffing only requires folding of the bag. The stuffing of the sleeping bag can be done by following steps-

      1. Lay down the bag in any place- the stuffing of a sleeping bag can be done in any place. The place does not need to be flat.
      2. Start folding the bag into the smallest size. The folding must be started from the feet of the sleeping bag.
      3. The bag is then kept to any place as a stack.

Stuffing is an efficient method for packing sleeping bags because-

a) It requires a small space.

b) The sleeping bag is fully compressed and can be folded into the smallest size.

c) Maximize the space in a camping bag.



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