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What are the practical uses of water purification tablets?

Water purification tablets are used in various situations, where the need for portable drinking water might arise. Such as camping, disaster, military, and survival situations. It makes bad water drinkable like from a stream, or lake by killing all the bacteria that can make you sick.


Water is considered as one of the essentials you need to survive. Without it, your body will not function the way it should. However, not everyone has access to clean and potable water. It is is the truth in places where there is no clean water supply network or system. While this is, unfortunately, the situation of other people, there are various methods to solve it.

A proper filtration system is a commonly used setup for eliminating hazardous content from the water. It is one of the most reliable methodologies to access clean water. However, emergencies will require you more portable means of purifying water. In this case, a water purification tablet is a more effective and convenient solution.

Advancement in technology made it possible for purification methods to appear. Desalination, boiling, distillation, and UV Purification are just some of the ways invented to help the lives of humans. However, these methods lack portability, which is why the water purification tablet was developed.

Water purification tablet has chemicals that kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites to purify water. By dropping these tablets to an appropriate amount of water, they can kill contaminants and various biological organisms to ensure safe drinking. It is the most ideal for travelers who visit remote places without clean water, or where heavy rainfall leads to the contamination of water sources.


Outdoor Activities/ Trips

Engaging in outdoor activities like camping or hiking needs preparation for certain situations. Doing these pursuits might also require you to bring water purification tablets. It is especially ideal for situations where you have little or no access to potable water. With this, you can use the tablet by putting it in a bottle of stream, river, or rainwater. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then you are good to go for hydration.

For instance, you might think that bringing enough water would suffice your encampment needs. Preparedness is a must so you might want to rethink not bringing water purification tablets. Also, although filters are excellent to prevent contaminants stay in your water, they are not sufficient enough to trap viruses that might cause your illness. Water purification tablets come handy in this kind of situation.


The occurrence of natural disasters in any place is inevitable. Most people are caught off guard to this kind of situation and are not able to prepare basic survival needs. According to studies, humans can survive 500 hours without eating food. However, a person is unlikely to live more than 72 hours without water intake.

For some places, aid might be easily accessible, but for others, it might take time before they are rescued. With this, they need to at least prolong their lives before they get assistance. Having a water purification tablet would suffice their needs to prevent dehydration. Humanitarian organizations often provide these tablets to disaster-prone communities.

Humanitarian Aid

Billions of people around the world suffer from clean water scarcity. Because of this, many people are dying from bacteria and dehydration, which leads to humanitarian organizations to provide long-term solutions. They provide water purification tablets to areas that are scarce in water. They aim to have purified, safe drinking water to lessen the casualties brought by the illness of dirty intake and water shortage.

Military Use

The military is one of the most prepared sectors of the community. With this, they include water purification tablets to their military kits so that soldiers can drink clean water when they need it. It is especially essential in a situation where they are brought to missions with no access to safe drinking water. Aside from this, they can also assist communities or locals that are limited to clean water access.

Water purification tablets are indeed useful in various situations in our lives. From the simplest activity to a huge disaster, these tablets come handy to stay hydrated. While it gives us more chances of survival through hydration, it also prevents us from drinking water that might bring us diseases through unfiltered bacteria and viruses. Having water purification tablets will allow us to have a safe drinking method that will prolong our survival.

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