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Which RV has the best resale value?

Planning to sell your RV? Then you must ensure that it retains as much RV resale value as possible for a better deal.

An RV from major brand, low miles, low age, and no damage will have the best resale value.


Or, you have found the RV you have been looking for. Maybe she is a used one. But it is immaterial as long as you get it at the right resale price. An RV is a fantastic investment. It lets you wander making you a well-rounded, happy person. There is no denying that the maintenance of an RV plays a great role in its resale value. But there are other factors as well.


Factors affecting RV resale value

The followings have a great influence over the RV resale value.

  • Brand reputation: Plenty of RV brands are available to choose from. But some of the brands enjoy more reputation in the resale market. This is because they are more technology-oriented and make high-quality vehicles.
  • Age of the RV: The RVs drop their value with every year they passed. Depreciation happens to be the worst nightmare for the RVs. Studies reveal that these rigs can depreciate around 25% in just three years from their date of manufacture. So, you have to account for this for considering RV resale value.
  • Miles Covered: A higher odometer reading lowers the resale value of an RV. Because, the more you traveled, the more likely your vehicle is to have wear and tear. But there is another side of this story. An RV that traveled too few miles indicates that it was idle most of the time. So, things can go wrong. RVs are like home. As nature breaks down an empty home, the same thing happens with an RV(recreation vehicle).
  • Floor Plan: You have a space limit for each type of recreation vehicle. But that does not mean you cannot have a better floor plan while staying within the limit. A good floor plan utilizes the space available in the best possible manner. So, it affects the sale value.
  • Water damage: RVs have indoor plumbing for kitchen sinks, showers, and toilets. And, for this, they have an onboard water tank. Unfortunately, this causes potential chances of leakage and can result in mold growth, rust, etc. Water is very bad for interior as it causes wood to deteriorate. Moreover, if RVs are not kept under cover rainwater may enter through the vulnerable spots and cause water damage. This reduces the life of an RV.
  • Damages, dents, and blemishes: Exterior damages may happen any time during travel. But these have to be taken care of after each trip. Moreover, if you notice a scratch on paint or a torn curtain that should be repaired and replaced. The more wear and tear, the lower the value. These things play havoc on the RV resale value.

Use NADA RV Values for guidance

While the worth of your RV is what others pay for it, you can have a guideline from NADA. They allow searching by types, makes, and models and give the most accurate valuation. Look at used.


Different Types of RVs

Knowing different types of RVs  is a great help to have an informed RV resale value decision.

Tent Trailers

One can tow it to a truck, SUV, or any other vehicle for pulling. These are small, light in weight, and can be easily maneuvered. It usually includes a kitchen with a stovetop, a dinette, and a bed for two. Getting this you have to sacrifice amenities like a shower or toilet. It offers good ventilation and the passengers can enjoy a great outside view. It comes with a large retractable tent and is perfect for people who enjoy camping outdoors.

Travel Trailers

When you want something sturdier than a tent trailer, this is perfect for you. They can withstand inclement weather and let you enjoy long trips. It fits a kitchen, oven, freezer, and dinette. Models with more floor place also include shower and toilet. This is more comfortable than a tent trailer.

Fifth-wheel Trailers

These are the biggest and most expensive travel trailers. They include multi-level floor plans and can be up to 40 feet long. This has to be pulled by a truck with a fifth-wheel hitch. One can almost live like home in these trailers. It includes several windows, a few slide-outs, has plenty of storage space, cooking amenities, bigger dining, bathing options, more entertainment options, and several beds to travel with the family.

Class ‘A’ Motorhomes

These are the largest, heaviest, luxurious, and the most comfortable RVs around. Unlike the travel trailers, you can drive motorhomes. They can be as long as 45 feet long and the shortest is 25 feet long. This is best for those who like to travel with their family and friends. It has plenty of storage space and the ceiling is also high. It fits a full kitchen with all amenities and a complete bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet. This can accommodate two king-size beds and bunk beds for the kids. This is the most expensive.

Class ‘B’ Motorhomes

This is the lightest of the three types of motorhomes. It has limited space and usually fits a queen-size bed and a pull-out couch. The kitchen is small and it comes with less storage space. For some floor plans, you may have to choose one between a shower and a toilet. Because of its small size, it is easy to drive. Maintenance & repair and insurance also cost less. This is the cheapest RV.

Class ‘C’ Motorhomes

This is in between class ‘A’ and class ‘B’ motorhomes. These are not as expensive as the class ‘A’ motorhomes, but costlier than class ‘B’ motorhomes and trailers. These are usually built using the chassis of trucks and vans. It offers more headspace than class ‘B’ motor homes and includes more or less the same facilities as class ‘A’ motorhomes. This is best for two passengers.

Hopefully, the above will help you understand the resale value if you are contemplating buying or selling an RV. Now that you have insights on what affects RV resale value, you are better placed for a good trade-off.

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