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How to sell a camper with a Lien?

The process of selling a vehicle that you have owned before in itself is very complicated and excruciating.


On top of it, if you are looking for buyers who would procure your camper despite a lien, you must pull up your guards and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the current market scenario so that you get your hands on a fair deal.


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean to scare you away; in fact, in this article, we will be suggesting you the best ways of selling a camper with lien.


It may be easier to pay off the camper before you sell.


  • Know the market value of your camper

Before you quote a price, you should know the present market value of your camper. For those of you who might not know, fair market value or, FMV is the amount put forward by both the buying and selling parties based on relevant facts where none of them is bound under any obligation, and all the basic rights and benefits of the item has been included for the person receiving the item. Therefore, if you quote a price for the camper that is lower than the FMV, you are likely to find buyers soon but, lose out on some money. Reversely, if your price is higher than the FMV, you will indeed have a greater profit margin but, the vehicle will take longer to sell. This implies that meanwhile, you’ll be losing out on some cash by paying for the ownership of the vehicle.


To find out the right value of your camper, you must let go of the thought that you must sell it at a price which is close to, or equal to what you paid for it. However, the FMV would be way lesser than this because the initial amount comprises of the base price, registration, taxation and insurance fees.


Thus, when you are handing the keys over to someone, the vehicle isn’t firstly, as good as new and secondly, the extra charges accompanying a showroom-purchase are automatically canceled out. Apart from this, the location from where you are selling the RV, its mileage capacity and mechanical and other conditions too, play an influential role in deciphering the value.



  • Calculate the differences

Once you are aware of the market value of your camper, you should move on to the comparing it with the money you owe to the loan. Needless to say, in this step, you cannot afford to just roughly predict the amount like you did in the preceding to one.

To make the most out of the asset you own and draw an equivalent between the money you are still expected to pay and what you can make out of the camper, you must be precise with your calculations. It is essentially the difference between the two ends of the spectrum that will give you a fair idea of what you’ll gain or lose by vending the camper.


They are two ways of going about the selling part; you can either do it privately, or offer the vehicle to a dealership. To help you understand better which of these two alternatives would be more fruitful, in the following section, we will be jotting down their individual prospects.



Selling the camper to a dealership

If market experts are to be believed, selling your RV to a dealership is the easiest and most importantly, smoothest way of going about things. Dealerships obviously have a team of well-skilled and informed professionals working for them and securing the contracts. Therefore, it is expected that they will scrupulously analyze every little detail of the camper, and then decide whether the price you are offering it at is worthy or not.


Nevertheless, the silver lining is that the professionals of dealership are meticulously-acquainted with the norms of selling something with a lien. Given they come with years of experience in their kitty, they are equipped with the most formidable ways of tackling government and legal issues and the tight paperwork that accompanies the selling of an automobile with lien. The biggest advantage of depending on dealership is that you will be relieved from the additional ordeals like contacting the lending entity, arranging for the towing technicalities and such others. All you will have to do on your part is communicate your needs to the company, and they will take care of the rest.


When both you and the dealership agree on a price, the lien holders is the first party to be paid off and consequently, the title of ownership is transferred to the new owner. If the deal is cracked at a price higher than what you owe, the difference will be reimbursed. On the other hand, if you still owe more than what the car is being sold at, you will have to agree to pay the extra amount almost immediately, or you will witness a string of difficulties as its value will keep diminishing by the day.


RV class B cost

Popup camper cost

Selling the camper privately

If you want to make more by selling your camper and still have some time in hand to spare, selling it privately would be the wiser choice. Other than fabricating a striking sale advertisement, you should also let your potential buyers know that it is on a lien, to be on the safer side of the spectrum.


This is the preferred way, you get max value. Try this way first, and if does not sell in a month then sell to a dealer.


Considering the humungous pool of competition that you would be sinking your feet in, you should be recognize the points that will assist you in standing out and magnetizing buyers even when your contemporaries are pitching for similar deals that too without lien.


Try to enhance the appearance of the camper as much as possible, because this is the first thing that would attract them. If the body of the camper is damaged beyond repair, then you’ll have to either quote an extremely low price or, wait for a long time.

Put ad on craiglist and start talking to potential buyers.


Nonetheless, if you are looking forward to affixing an extra layer of security to the camper, you can resort to an escrow service. For the uninitiated, in the escrow method, the buyer will have to deposit the money in an escrow account which will be transferred by the seller only when the title transfer has been done with and the lien is released. Subsequently, the amount of the debt can be transferred over by the buyer to you or, sent directly to the loan lender.


How to settle the difference?

If you don’t have the funds to fill in the difference of the debt, then you can sign for a bridge loan. A bridge loan is the one where the difference between the amount you are selling the vehicle for and what you owe is lent to you. Hence, if you are selling the car through dealership, you don’t have to worry about scheduling meeting between the parties. Rather, the dealership will notify the seller through a letter about the lien debt who, in turn, sends a notification to the lienholder.



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