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4 Amazing RV camp spots in Nevada You Must Try

Whenever you hear the name Nevada, we are certain that the first word that hits your mind is Vegas.

However, the interesting bit is, the state has a lot more hidden in its labyrinth that can be accessed only when you decide to explore it in the true sense of the word.


In fact, you can make the most out of Nevada’s breathtaking panoramas, unparalleled views, and exciting activities when you decide to ditch fancy rides and hospitality options and head out in your RV to some of the state’s most renowned RV camp spots. If you haven’t been to Nevada ever before, or aren’t familiar with the popular camping locations, then we are here to help. In the following segment, we will be listing down a few places that you must visit to discover the true essence of Nevada.


  • Cathedral Gorge State Park

If you are looking forward to getting acquainted with Nevada and its beauty in its rawest form, Cathedral Gorge State Park should make it to your “to-visit” list under all circumstances. The denomination of the park essentially originated from the eroded rocks that have mostly eroded into pillars and resemble church spires. Even though there’s a resort inside but, once you step inside the premises, it will appear as if you have time-traveled into some bygone age.

There are 22 camping spots in total but, there’s no reservation facility. You can obviously tag along with large groups and indulge in outdoor adventures like hiking and picnicking, or just go around and get to know the place in your way. When you are at Cathedral Gorge State Park, you cannot give the Visitor’s Centre a miss, especially if you are interested in knowing the history of the church-like formations. Besides, you can also take a tour of the Miller Point Trail (a two-mile-long hiking trail), Juniper Draw Loop trail (4 miles long), Eagle point (1.6 miles long), and the Bourneville Cemetery.

You will not be allowed to stay for more than 2 weeks at a stretch in a month’s time but, after that span is over, you can undoubtedly, come back!


  • Canyon Trail RV Park

The good news is, the Canyon Trail RV Park, located in Boulder City is only about 20 miles away from Vegas and only about a few miles’ distance from the Hoover dam. The campground boasts of full-hookup for sewer, pull-through sites, 24*7 water supply and electricity, and most importantly, a team of friendly staff who will take care of all your needs with a broad smile on their faces.

Let’s not steer away from accepting how pleasant the weather at the Canyon Trail Park is during summers and springtime. If you are planning to drop by the park sometime during peak summer, there’s no need to worry because Lake Mead will ensure that you are rendered with a cozy and comfortable experience. As far as the amenities of the place are concerned, you would be rather glad to know that the RV Park has digital cables with free internet services and permits the use of 30 and 50 amp hookups, laundry stations, and showers. If you want to step out of the ground and reconnoiter the surroundings, then you can indubitably do so by strolling across the Boulder City Golf Course, Bootleg Canyon, tennis court, racquetball complex, and hiking trails.


  • Sun Resorts RV Park

If you are in Nevada, you must stop by the Sun Resorts RV Park even if it is for a day because we can confidently vouch for the verity that you will not find the spectacular views of the majestic mountains and palm trees anywhere else in the state, or in the country for that matter. Moreover, if you are chalking out a proposal for camping here, you will not have to leave your pooches back at home as they are more than welcome at this campground.

Apart from this, you can also capitalize on the amenities of laundry, cable TV, 30 and 50 amp services, water and sewer, showers, free Wi-Fi, bathrooms, a club house, and pool table. It’s not like you will have to stay inside the resort at all times; if you feel like discerning the city place better, you can always go around the Valley of Fire State Park at the south of Mesquite that is comprised of sandstone formations that are 150 million years old. Much like Canyon Trail RV Park, the Lake is Mead is situated close to Sun Resorts RV Park where you can spend an afternoon filled with swimming, boating, fishing, and much more. On the other hand, if your mood for the day sways you towards something historical, you can schedule an outing in the old mining town, Gold Butte Back Country Byway.


  • Whiskey Flats RV Park

From the name of the park itself, you must be wondering that it gets its name from somewhere that allows the free flow of alcohol! Nonetheless, before your mind spirals to the la-la land, we would like to inform you that there’s nothing like this comes even close to reality. Other than the comforts and niceties that we have noted down for the rest of the campgrounds, Whiskey Flats RV Park has a mini convenience store that keeps almost everything one would need when he is out there in a desolate land.

Another striking characteristic of this place is that if you are passing by Whiskey Flats RV Park and urgently need to refill your vehicle’s gas, get a shower, or other such perks, you can do so by simply informing them ahead of time. As soon as you communicate your requirements, the staff will inform you about the usage costs, and hence, you can do without shelling out hefty reservation charges. Additionally, because the place is far removed from the typical city life, you can rove in your RV or four-wheelers and expect to witness a wild animal somewhere right in front of you and also be a part of local events and activities that are inexorably once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

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