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5 RV Space Saving Ideas

If you own an RV, you might always be worried about how to manage it for more comfort.

An average RV has 200 square feet of space so you have to make the most of it.

Whether you use it to enjoy some adventure trips with friends and family; or it is kept just for rental services; space management is always important.

The limited space of RVs can easily get cluttered, and it may ruin the impression of your RV. One needs to follow some reliable RV space, saving ideas to make it look well organized, spacious and comfortable as well.

Below we have listed a few trusted tips for RV space-saving. It may help you to manage your travel vehicle with ease:

Prepare a stock note of must-have essentials

The first most step in this process is to take stock of things that you need on an essential basis while travelling in the RV. Just pick a pen and paper and start writing everything that you need to store in your RV. It is better to make categories and arrange things efficiently.

In this process, it is important to shortlist items that you don’t need or are just making some clutter in your RV. The process may require touch decision making, but once you are able to eliminate those unwanted things, you may find more space inside.

Are you always in need of loads of clothes in your RV or you can just put a few of them? Maybe you don’t need those 100 plates and unread magazines in the RV. Some people even prefer to add disposable items to their RV whenever they are ready for a trip. It helps them to limit the storage requirement.

Many things in the RV are used once in the year; it is better to get rid of them. Experts advise giving more preference to items that you may need in case of emergency and create proper storage for them. If you travel a lot, our RV must appear more homely, but it doesn’t mean to store lots of stuff inside. Just try to limit your storage.

Organize everything at a dedicated place

Well, it is high time to understand that RVs are not cluttered by the big items such as furniture, stove or fridge; rather, it is more cluttered by the small stuff that you may throw anywhere around. Some of the most common items in the list are towels, clothing items, fishing gear, utensils, books and keys.

Prefer to create dedicated storage space for every item, and you can even use stickers to mark them. It may help you to keep everything organized and accessible as well. Get a special box to store all your outdoor gears and place that at a dedicated place. The cloths must be managed well in the dedicated storage drawer or box. You will find them easier to access and manage as well. Furthermore, if you prefer to rent your RV frequently, the other users may also find it easier to access essential items from well-organized cabinets and bins.

Throw out anything you do not need or have not used in a month.

Pay attention to your bathroom and kitchen

Usually, most of the RVs have a small bathroom so that other areas can have more space and offer more comfort. But no matter what size of bathroom you have, it is always good to get a dedicated organizer for this space. It may help you to keep all your personal items and toiletries into specific compartments.

Small wall cabinets can also help you to arrange some special stuff such as electronics and medications that you may wish to keep away from the reach of children while moving out on adventure trip.

Other than this, you need to pay attention to the available stuff in the kitchen. You may have so many cleaning supplies, cooking utensils and food items in this space, and they may end up making it more cluttered. Prefer to use some reliable storage and organization ideas to manage this space. You can use wall and floor cabinets along with some wall hangers to hang things like vegetable racks and towel rack. The magnetic racks can offer better storage option for metal utensils, spoons and knives. Moreover, plastic bins are the perfect choice for storing cleaning supplies.

Get some storage bins

Instead of loading everything into the tiny shelves and drawers, you should get some storage bins to manage the space more efficiently. Prefer to use them for storing different clothing items, food and repair tools. The emergency stuff can also be kept safely in the dedicated bins. It is better to label everything so that you can find them easily whenever in need.

There are a variety of RV storage bins in the market, and you can buy them at a reasonable price. Moreover, they do not consume much space while keeping your limited space more organized. You can get colourful bins to make your RV look more attractive inside. If you prefer to travel with kids more often, prefer to keep a separate storage compartment for their toys and other accessories.

Buy foldable and compact items

One of the most creative ways to make the best use of available limited RV space is investing in foldable and compact items. The foldable items can be easily stored in a lesser space. The great news is that it is possible to find almost everything in the foldable version these days; the list even includes bed, bags, chairs and tables as well.

As RVs are used by one to three people, there is no need to get large appliances and big furniture. It is better to go ahead with small, space-saving items that can help you to manage the limited indoor area with ease. You can find a mini freezer, mini microwave and mini ice machine in the market.

If possible, it is even better to buy multi-purpose items. It may help you to save more space while ensuring full comfort as well. For instance, you can invest in three in one conditioner, shampoo and body wash product. It is good to get a luggage bag that can also work as a storage unit in the RV.

Once you have gone through these simple and creative storage management ideas, it will be easier to enjoy more space in your RV. There are many inexpensive options for upgrading storage space in the RVs. You can find creative alternatives for bathroom and kitchen areas. They can help you keep more accessories with ease.

A well-managed and organized RV can help you enjoy more comfort and luxury even when you are away from home. Your trips can be more memorable and full of fun.

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